Redesign of immigrant boost sample - consultation extended

This summer, consultation opened on plans for a new immigrant boost and a refreshment of the existing ethnic minority boost sample. The redesign will ensure the boost still fits research needs and significantly enhance the Ethnicity Strand, unique to Understanding Society.

The consultation explores key design issues including:

  • What should be the focus of the immigrant boost?
  • Should areas be identified according to their concentrations of particular groups / periods? If so, what groups / periods are of most interest?

So far, the subject has raised substantial interest and was the focus of a special discussion session at this year’s Understanding Society Research Conference.

Deadline extended – Friday 16 August

Many thanks to those who have contributed so far. If you would still like to share your views, we have extended the deadline for receipt of responses.

To get involved, download the consultation outline below and send your ideas to Jay Hemker by Friday 16 August.

About the Ethnicity Strand

The Ethnicity Strand, unique to Understanding Society, encompasses a boost sample of over 6,000 adults from ethnic minority backgrounds. This allows substantial numbers of minority group members to be followed year on year.

Read the consultation outline Plans for design of new immigrant and ethnic boost samples

Photo credit: Glyn Thomas