Policy event: Prospects for a balanced recovery

A Westminster policy event on Thursday 30th October 2014 will look behind the headlines and debate the choices for balanced growth.

Economic recovery is now truly underway but the UK faces severe economic challenges regardless of who forms the next government.

Post-recession Britain is beginning to look very different from pre-recession Britain but not necessarily in the ways one might expect. What are the policy choices for the next government and where should it focus its effort?

This Understanding Society event looks behind the headlines at the legacy of the recession and debates the choices for securing a programme of balanced growth over the next five years. It presented evidence from Understanding Society’s Insights 2014 report, a collection of findings about the changing lives of individuals and households in Britain.

Aimed at policy makers and campaigners working on social and economic issues, delegates were able to:

  • Hear the latest evidence from the UK’s largest household panel survey and research using its data
  • Listen to a panel debate chaired by Mark Easton (BBC) with experts including Nick Pearce (Institute for Public Policy Research) and Paul Johnson (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
  • Inform and identify the key messages for the next government

Download the full programme: Insights 2014: Prospects for a balanced recovery

Registration is now closed.

Find photos of the event on Flickr

Listen to the panel reflect on the event in the Insights 2014: Longitudinal evidence and policy-making podcast

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