Using mobile devices to understand spending

A new podcast highlights how Understanding Society has been using mobile technology to gain a better understanding of household finances.

Professor Annette Jäckle, Director of the Understanding Society Innovation Panel, explains how mobile technology has brought with it exciting opportunities for those interested in collecting data from households.

The research team from Understanding Society used the Innovation Panel, a sample of 1,500 households which can be used by researchers to experiment with innovative ways of collecting data and to develop new areas of research, to test this new way of collecting data. Survey participants were asked to use an app on their smart phone or tablet to record information about their household spending. The experiment was part of the Innovation Panel’s latest data release which was launched this month.

The podcast was created by the National Centre for Research Methods and is part of the Methods Podcast series. Listen to the podcast.

How do I access the IP data?

To download Understanding Society data, you must register with the UK Data Service (UKDS). Find full details about accessing our data in the Getting Started guide. The reference for the data in the UKDS is 6849.

Training for IP users

There are regular Understanding Society training courses and events throughout the year. But for the IP particularly, there is an online course: Introduction to the Innovation Panel using Stata.

Tell us

If you have used data from the Innovation Panel, please let us know so we can add your research to our directory

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