Best places and worst places for women to live in UK are exposed

The Scottish county, East Dunbartonshire has been recognised as the top location to live in the UK if you’re a woman, according to new academic research.

The scientific research conducted by NatCen for BBC Woman’s Hour found the Scottish area came out top because of its access to green spaces, high scores on health, wellbeing and happiness. East Renfrewshire and West Oxfordshire were placed second and third.

The NatCen research looked at a long list of components that impact on women including quality of life, job opportunities, pay gaps, housing options, family situation, happiness and wellbeing. They used data at local authority level to rank the areas of the UK. You can explore the findings on an interactive map on the BBC news website

NatCen used data from several sources, including the ONS Population Survey, 2011 Census and Understanding Society, to build a picture of women’s life in the UK.

Susan Harkness, Director of the Understanding Society Policy Unit, took part in the discussion on BBC Woman’s Hour. She said, “Expectations matter. As women’s opportunities have widened they have higher expectations for their life… There is often a focus on women’s happiness and wellbeing, but women’s lives are now more complex.”

Listen again to the Woman’s Hour programme and read the report

To explore the data used by NatCen go to the UK Data Service:

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