Innovation Panel competition - call for proposals

Researchers are invited to submit proposals for the content and design of the 2020 Innovation Panel. Do you have a research idea that needs specific data? Or want to develop a survey methods experiment? The Innovation Panel could help you. 

This year we are particularly interested in proposals that explore measurement challenges related to the productivity research agenda. 

Proposals must have an experimental or methodological element and will be evaluated on the basis of their scientific quality and publication potential. There are no costs to successful applicants, unless the proposal includes non-standard survey elements. 

The deadline for applications is 31 March 2019. 

What is the Innovation Panel? 

The Innovation Panel is a unique resource for innovative longitudinal experimental and methodological research with international impact. Its purpose is to develop key innovations in survey methods and content that will ensure the future success of the Understanding Society survey, to generate important new knowledge disseminated through publications in leading international journals, and to provide a base for associated studies using new and innovative mixed method approaches. 

New experimentation and methodological tests

This call is for proposals for experiments and methodological studies that may relate to the design of survey instruments (e.g. question wording, item order, etc.) or to features of the survey design (e.g. procedures intended to reduce non-response or to improve fieldwork efficiency). This year we are particularly interested in submissions that explore measurement challenges related to the productivity research agenda.

Proposals might include:

  • New ways of measuring skills and human capital, such as formal and informal training, on-the-job skill acquisition and skills utilisation, skill and task mismatch, or over-qualification
  • Improved methods of measuring labour inputs supplied, particularly (though not exclusively) where individuals have new or nonstandard employment arrangements 
  • Measuring the value added, input use and productivity of the self-employed and other household-based businesses
  • How to accurately conceptualise, measure and understand the role and implication of unpaid and uncosted labour

How to apply

You can find full information about the Innovation Panel competition and the online application form here. 

Read the full call for proposals here.