11 Waves of Innovation Panel data now available

The Innovation Panel is where methodological experiments and new ideas are tested, helping us develop and refine the main Understanding Society Study. 

The Innovation Panel is designed for experimental and methodological research relevant to longitudinal surveys. As far as practical its design, content, and data collection procedures are similar to the main stage Understanding Society survey. It is a multi-topic household survey representative of the population of Great Britain. Data collection takes place annually using computer assisted personal interviewing and online surveys. One person completes the household questionnaire. Each person aged 16 or older answers the individual adult interview, including a self-completion questionnaire. Young people aged 10 to 15 years are asked to respond to a paper self-completion questionnaire.

The Innovation Panel has multiple experimental studies in which sample members are randomly assigned to a particular instrument or survey procedure. Experiments can relate to survey procedures, questionnaire design, or substantive social science questions. 

What's new in Wave 11?

Wave 11 of the Innovation Panel (IP) contains long-running experiments on the value of respondent incentives and mixed-mode data collection. This Wave also contains specific experiments on: 

  • Variations of the EQ-5D instrument, which measures health-related quality of life. 
  • The placement and wording of consent to data linkage to HMRC records.
  •  How to improve the consent process for data linkage to the electoral register.
  • How children report their parent's occupation.
  • Whether competition over public services decreases support for the residency rights of immigrants.
  • The impact of the presentation of 'don't know/prefer not to say' response options in self-completion questions.
  • Recording respondent's spending on an app.

You can read more about the experiments carried out in Wave 11 of the IP in the Technical Report

How to access IP data

Waves 1-11 of the IP are available via the UK Data Service. You will need to register with the UK Data Service in order to download the data.