Consultation on the content for a new emigrant survey

Every year thousands of UK residents move to live in another country. They may move for family reasons, for employment or for the experience of living in a different country. 

Understanding Society would like to understand more about how life turns out for people who move away from the UK. At the moment the Study only follows participants who are resident in the UK; if a participant moves abroad they are not reinterviewed.

To help us know more about those who leave the UK we are developing a special survey for Understanding Society participants who are emigrating. Two questionnaires are in development:

  • One short survey (“the if/when/why questionnaire”) will be sent to Study participants who have indicated that they are planning to emigrate and will simply ask them to confirm their move and share their reasons for emigrating. 
  • The second survey (“the emigrant questionnaire”) will be sent to participants after they have moved abroad and will be asked annually as long as they remain outside the UK. This questionnaire will collect more details on the participant’s experience in their country of residence,  their local connections, and their contact with friends and relatives back in the UK.

Understanding Society would like to receive feedback on these two questionnaires. We’re interested in receiving comments from researchers working in this area and participants who have lived abroad or who may be thinking of emigrating.

You can find the first if/when/why questionnaire here and the emigrant questionnaire here.

Please send any feedback on these questionnaires to Senior Survey Officer Dr Violetta Parutis.  Feedback must be received by the 27 March 2020.