How grandparents influence their grandchildren's opportunities

Comic book artist, Karen Rubins, has been working with Understanding Society turning research into comics. Our first features research on the role that grandparents play in their grandchildren's future life. 

Comic on grandparents

The comic is based on research from Dr Min Zhang, from the University of Cambridge, and Professor Yaojun Li, from the University of Manchester,  and  uses Understanding Society to look at the impact grandparents have on their grandchildren's life opportunities. 

They were interested in whether grandparents influenced their grandchildren's educational and class attainment, and their occupational aspirations. Their research found that grandparents had an effect in all three domains, even when parents socio-economic and cultural resources were taken into account. 

Zhang and Li explain, "Our study shows that grandparents' class still affects grandchildren's life chances in contemporary UK society just as earlier research showed for mid-20th century Britain and that the effects are manifested at different stages of the life course, from occupational aspiration as teenagers to educational attainment as young adults to occupational destination as adults."

You can read the paper here and you can download the comic here