New briefing note on geographical mobility

We have published a new data note on geographical mobility to summarise what our data can tell us about internal migration

It uses Understanding Society data collected over nine years to provide insights into residential moves and internal migration – and aims to showcase some of the potential research questions that can be explored using individual residential mobility histories over time.

The new data note has been written by Alina Pelikh, Research Fellow in Demography at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL, Magda Borkowska, Senior Research Officer at Understanding Society, and Raj Patel, Associate Director (Policy) and Impact Fellow at Understanding Society.

It is divided into three sections:

  • an overview of the frequency of geographical moves between different UK regions and among different age groups
  • an examination of different reasons for and types of moves
  • more detailed analysis of origin-destination moving trajectories

Raj Patel says, “Internal migration can be a major factor in patterns of population and employment growth and decline. It’s important for local economies and housing markets, but while migration from abroad and its economic, social and political effects has attracted a great deal of research and policy interest, less attention has been paid to internal migration. Understanding who moves – and when, how far and why – is useful to researchers and policymakers, especially given this government’s ambition for “levelling up” the country.”

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