data & documentation

User guides, fieldwork documents, questionnaires, technical reports.

Data collected from the survey’s thousands of participants is securely stored by the UK Data Service, from where researchers can access it online. All of the associated documentation is available here.

Main survey

Providing high quality longitudinal data about subjects such as health, work, education, income, family, and social life to help understand the long term effects of social and economic change.

Health and biomarkers

 Collecting information about participant’s social and economic circumstances, attitudes and beliefs and also gathering information about their health.

Innovation panel

Helping develop leading edge survey methods and content that will ensure the ongoing success of Understanding Society and to generate important new knowledge.

Ethnicity and immigration

Understanding Society provides an up-to-date and accurate picture of ethnicity and immigration in the UK, the like of which has never been possible before.

Linked Data​

Allows researchers to make use of additional information that the survey does not collect in the annual interviews.

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