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Employment: Labour Force Status

cjobCurrent job indicatorindresp-2345678
cjsbgdDay current labour force status beganindresp
cjscjsNot ended current job or statusindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • cjsck1IC: Resp. employment statusindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • cjsck4IC: Date entered or last activity was empindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • cjsedDate stop doing that: dayindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • cjsemDate stop doing that: monthindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • cjsey4Date stop doing that: yearindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • cjsstlyCurrent situation on prev interview dateindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • currjob1empl spell no. 1: Current job indicatorindresp-2345678
    currjob10empl spell no. 10: current job indicatorindresp-2------
    currjob2empl spell no. 2: Current job indicatorindresp-2345678
    currjob3empl spell no. 3: Current job indicatorindresp-2345678
    currjob4empl spell no. 4: Current job indicatorindresp-2345678
    currjob5empl spell no. 5: Current job indicatorindresp-2345678
    currjob6empl spell no. 6: Current job indicatorindresp-2345678
    currjob7empl spell no. 7: current job indicatorindresp-23--6-8
    currjob8empl spell no. 8: current jobindresp-23----8
    currjob9empl spell no. 9: current jobindresp-23----8
    employIn paid employmentindall12345678
    employIn paid employmentindresp12345678
    employment_tmstart time for employment module (seconds)indresp1-------
    empstat_tmstart time for empstat module (seconds)indresp1-------
    empstenddEmployment status end: dayindresp-2345678
    empstendmEmployment status end: monthindresp-2345678
    empstendy4Employment status end: yearindresp-2345678
    exjobEmployment of ex-partnerchmain--3-5-7-
    ff_jbmngrfed-forward job status: managerial dutiesindresp-2345678
    ff_jbsempfed-forward job status: employed or self employedindresp-2345678
    ff_jbsizefed-forward job status: number employed at workplaceindresp-2345678
    ff_jbstatRespondent employment status at previous interviewindresp-2345678
    ff_nonprodnon productive at previous wave (bhps only at wave2)hhsamp-2345678
    hgempIn paid employment - HH gridindall
    hgempIn paid employment - HH gridindresp
    hgestEmployment status - HH Gridindall
  • B1
  • -----------------
    hgestEmployment status - HH Gridindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    inftedIC: Respondent full-time studentindresp
    j1bossHired employees: first jobempstat
    j1bossHired employees: first jobindresp-2345678
    j1bossHired employees: first jobxwavedat
    j1sempEmployee or self-employed: first jobindresp-2345678
    j1sempEmployee or self-employed: first jobxwavedat
    j2hashas a second jobindresp12345678
    j2soc00Second current job: SOC 2000indresp-2345678
    j2soc90Second current job: SOC 1990indresp-2345678
    jbbgdday started current jobindresp12345678
    jbbgd1Day started current jobindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbbgdatddate started current job (day)indresp--3456--
    jbbgdatmdate started current job (month)indresp--3456--
    jbbgdatydate started current job (year)indresp--3456--
    jbbglyStarted job after 1.9.2007indresp
    jbbgly1Started job after 1.9.2007indresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbbglyeStarted job after 1.1.96indresp
  • B7
  • -----------
    jbbgmmonth started current jobindresp12345678
    jbbgm1Month started current jobindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbbgyyear started current jobindresp12345678
    jbbgy41Year started current jobindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbchgdPromotion date: dayindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbchglyPromotion before ref dateindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbchgmPromotion date: monthindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbchgy4Promotion date: yearindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbck8Check: occup and employerindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbcsplSame employer since int dateindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbemppConfirm employerindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbemprSame employerindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbenddJob end: dayindresp-2345678
    jbendmJob end: monthindresp-2345678
    jbendoth_codeJob finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    jbendreasreason job endedindresp-23456--
    jbendreas10Look after other personindresp------78
    jbendreas11Moved areaindresp------78
    jbendreas2Left for better jobindresp------78
    jbendreas3Made redundantindresp------78
    jbendreas5Temporary job endedindresp------78
    jbendreas6Took retirementindresp------78
    jbendreas7Health reasonsindresp------78
    jbendreas8Left to have babyindresp------78
    jbendreas9Look after familyindresp------78
    jbendreas97Other reasonindresp------78
    jbendy4Job end: yearindresp-2345678
    jbflex1part-time workingindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbflex10On-call workingindresp-------8
    jbflex2working term-time onlyindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbflex3job sharingindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbflex5working a compressed weekindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbflex6to work annualised hoursindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbflex7to work from home on a regular basisindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbflex8other flexible working arrangementsindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbflex9Zero-hours contractindresp-------8
    jbflex96none of theseindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbftEmployed full timeindresp
    jbft_dvFull or part-time employeeindresp12345678
    jbfxinfinformal flexible working arrangementsindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse1part-time workingindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse10On-call workingindresp-------8
    jbfxuse2working term-time onlyindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse3job sharingindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse5working a compressed weekindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse6to work annualised hoursindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse7to work from home on a regular basisindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse8other flexible working arrangementsindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbfxuse9Zero-hours contractindresp-------8
    jbfxuse96none of theseindresp-2-4-6-8
    jbhasdid paid work last weekindresp12345678
    jbhhResponsibilities which affected workindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    jboffno work last week but has paid jobindresp12345678
    jboffyreason off work last weekindresp12345678
    jboffy_bhReason off work last weekindresp
    jbpromHad promotionindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbsempemployed or self-employed: current jobindresp12345678
    jbsempchkEmployed or self-employed checkindresp-2345678
    jbsemppSame employee statusindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbsemprConfirm changed employee statusindresp
  • B16
  • B17
  • B18
  • jbstatcurrent economic activityindresp12345678
    jbstat_bhCurrent labour force statusindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    jbstatlEmployment status on Sept 1, year agoindresp
    jbstatl_bhEmployment status on Sept 1, year agoindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    jbstattEmployment status on Sept 1, this yearindresp
    jbstatt_bhEmployment status on Sept 1, this yearindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    jbtermCurrent job: permanent or temporaryindresp
    jbterm1Current job: permanent or temporaryindresp12345678
    jbterm2Type of non-permanent jobindresp12345678
    jbterm2_bhType of non-permanent jobindresp
    jwbs1_dvJob-related Wellbeing Scale: Anxiety subscaleindresp-2-4-6-8
    jwbs2_dvJob-related Wellbeing Scale: Depression subscaleindresp-2-4-6-8
    majukmother's job in ukindresp-----6--
    majukevrmother ever worked in ukindresp-----6--
    mrjendYear left most recent jobindresp
    mrjsempEmployee or self emp., most recent jobindresp
    nemstCurrent labour force statusindresp
    nueNumber Unemployed in householdhhresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    nxtendoth_codeJob finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    nxtendreasreason job endedindresp----56--
    nxtendreas10Look after other personindresp------78
    nxtendreas11Moved areaindresp------78
    nxtendreas2Left for better jobindresp------78
    nxtendreas3Made redundantindresp------78
    nxtendreas5Temporary job endedindresp------78
    nxtendreas6Took retirementindresp------78
    nxtendreas7Health reasonsindresp------78
    nxtendreas8Left to have babyindresp------78
    nxtendreas9Look after familyindresp------78
    nxtendreas97Other reasonindresp------78
    nxtjbenddNext job end: dayindresp-2345678
    nxtjbendmNext job end: monthindresp-2345678
    nxtjbendy4Next job end: yearindresp-2345678
    nxtjbesNext job employment statusindresp-2345678
    nxtjbhrsNext job hoursindresp-2345678
    nxtstNext employment statusindresp-2345678
    nxtstelseNext non-employment statusindresp-2345678
    nxtstenddNext status end: dayindresp-2345678
    nxtstendmNext status end: monthindresp-2345678
    nxtstendy4Next status end: yearindresp-2345678
    pasoc00_ccFather's SOC 2000, resp aged 14, condensedindresp12345678
    pasoc00_ccFather's SOC 2000, resp aged 14, condensedxwavedat
    pasoc10Father's SOC 2010, resp aged 14indresp12345678
    pasoc10Father's SOC 2010, resp aged 14xwavedat
    pasoc10_ccFather's SOC 2010, resp aged 14, condensedindresp12345678
    pasoc10_ccFather's SOC 2010, resp aged 14, condensedxwavedat
    pasoc90Father's SOC 1990, resp aged 14indresp12345678
    pasoc90Father's SOC 1990, resp aged 14xwavedat
    pasoc90_ccFather's SOC 1990, resp aged 14, condensedindresp12345678
    pasoc90_ccFather's SOC 1990, resp aged 14, condensedxwavedat
    pjbptftPart-time or full-time: current jobindresp12345678
    pjsptftS/emp: part-time or full-timeindresp12345678
    presbgmMonth started economic status - proxyindresp
    presbgyYear started economic status - proxyindresp
  • B3
  • B4
  • B5
  • B6
  • ------------
    presby4Year started economic status - proxyindresp
    preslyStarted status after 1.9.2007 - proxyindresp
    prjbftProxy's Job full time / part timeindresp
    reasend1empl spell no. 1: reason job endedindresp-23456--
    reasend1_1empl spell no. 1: Promotedindresp------78
    reasend1_2empl spell no. 2: Promotedindresp------78
    reasend1_3empl spell no. 3: Promotedindresp------78
    reasend1_4empl spell no. 4: Promotedindresp------78
    reasend1_5empl spell no. 5: Promotedindresp------78
    reasend1_6empl spell no. 6: Promotedindresp------78
    reasend1_7empl spell no. 7: Promotedindresp-------8
    reasend1_8empl spell no. 8: Promotedindresp-------8
    reasend1_9empl spell no. 9: Promotedindresp-------8
    reasend10empl spell no. 10: reason job endedindresp-2------
    reasend10_1empl spell no. 1: Look after other personindresp------78
    reasend10_2empl spell no. 2: Look after other personindresp------78
    reasend10_3empl spell no. 3: Look after other personindresp------78
    reasend10_4empl spell no. 4: Look after other personindresp------78
    reasend10_5empl spell no. 5: Look after other personindresp------78
    reasend10_6empl spell no. 6: Look after other personindresp------78
    reasend10_7empl spell no. 7: Look after other personindresp-------8
    reasend10_8empl spell no. 8: Look after other personindresp-------8
    reasend10_9empl spell no. 9: Look after other personindresp-------8
    reasend11_1empl spell no. 1: Moved areaindresp------78
    reasend11_2empl spell no. 2: Moved areaindresp------78
    reasend11_3empl spell no. 3: Moved areaindresp------78
    reasend11_4empl spell no. 4: Moved areaindresp------78
    reasend11_5empl spell no. 5: Moved areaindresp------78
    reasend11_6empl spell no. 6: Moved areaindresp------78
    reasend11_7empl spell no. 7: Moved areaindresp-------8
    reasend11_8empl spell no. 8: Moved areaindresp-------8
    reasend11_9empl spell no. 9: Moved areaindresp-------8
    reasend2empl spell no. 2: reason job endedindresp-23456--
    reasend2_1empl spell no. 1: Left for better jobindresp------78
    reasend2_2empl spell no. 2: Left for better jobindresp------78
    reasend2_3empl spell no. 3: Left for better jobindresp------78
    reasend2_4empl spell no. 4: Left for better jobindresp------78
    reasend2_5empl spell no. 5: Left for better jobindresp------78
    reasend2_6empl spell no. 6: Left for better jobindresp------78
    reasend2_7empl spell no. 7: Left for better jobindresp-------8
    reasend2_8empl spell no. 8: Left for better jobindresp-------8
    reasend2_9empl spell no. 9: Left for better jobindresp-------8
    reasend3empl spell no. 3: reason job endedindresp-23456--
    reasend3_1empl spell no. 1: Made redundantindresp------78
    reasend3_2empl spell no. 2: Made redundantindresp------78
    reasend3_3empl spell no. 3: Made redundantindresp------78
    reasend3_4empl spell no. 4: Made redundantindresp------78
    reasend3_5empl spell no. 5: Made redundantindresp------78
    reasend3_6empl spell no. 6: Made redundantindresp------78
    reasend3_7empl spell no. 7: Made redundantindresp-------8
    reasend3_8empl spell no. 8: Made redundantindresp-------8
    reasend3_9empl spell no. 9: Made redundantindresp-------8
    reasend4empl spell no. 4: reason job endedindresp-23456--
    reasend4_1empl spell no. 1: Dismissed/sackedindresp------78
    reasend4_2empl spell no. 2: Dismissed/sackedindresp------78
    reasend4_3empl spell no. 3: Dismissed/sackedindresp------78
    reasend4_4empl spell no. 4: Dismissed/sackedindresp------78
    reasend4_5empl spell no. 5: Dismissed/sackedindresp------78
    reasend4_6empl spell no. 6: Dismissed/sackedindresp------78
    reasend4_7empl spell no. 7: Dismissed/sackedindresp-------8
    reasend4_8empl spell no. 8: Dismissed/sackedindresp-------8
    reasend4_9empl spell no. 9: Dismissed/sackedindresp-------8
    reasend5empl spell no. 5: reason job endedindresp-23456--
    reasend5_1empl spell no. 1: Temporary job endedindresp------78
    reasend5_2empl spell no. 2: Temporary job endedindresp------78
    reasend5_3empl spell no. 3: Temporary job endedindresp------78
    reasend5_4empl spell no. 4: Temporary job endedindresp------78
    reasend5_5empl spell no. 5: Temporary job endedindresp------78
    reasend5_6empl spell no. 6: Temporary job endedindresp------78
    reasend5_7empl spell no. 7: Temporary job endedindresp-------8
    reasend5_8empl spell no. 8: Temporary job endedindresp-------8
    reasend5_9empl spell no. 9: Temporary job endedindresp-------8
    reasend6empl spell no. 6: reason job endedindresp-23456--
    reasend6_1empl spell no. 1: Took retirementindresp------78
    reasend6_2empl spell no. 2: Took retirementindresp------78
    reasend6_3empl spell no. 3: Took retirementindresp------78
    reasend6_4empl spell no. 4: Took retirementindresp------78
    reasend6_5empl spell no. 5: Took retirementindresp------78
    reasend6_6empl spell no. 6: Took retirementindresp------78
    reasend6_7empl spell no. 7: Took retirementindresp-------8
    reasend6_8empl spell no. 8: Took retirementindresp-------8
    reasend6_9empl spell no. 9: Took retirementindresp-------8
    reasend7empl spell no. 7: reason job endedindresp-23--6--
    reasend7_1empl spell no. 1: Health reasonsindresp------78
    reasend7_2empl spell no. 2: Health reasonsindresp------78
    reasend7_3empl spell no. 3: Health reasonsindresp------78
    reasend7_4empl spell no. 4: Health reasonsindresp------78
    reasend7_5empl spell no. 5: Health reasonsindresp------78
    reasend7_6empl spell no. 6: Health reasonsindresp------78
    reasend7_7empl spell no. 7: Health reasonsindresp-------8
    reasend7_8empl spell no. 8: Health reasonsindresp-------8
    reasend7_9empl spell no. 9: Health reasonsindresp-------8
    reasend8empl spell no. 8: reason job endedindresp-23-----
    reasend8_1empl spell no. 1: Left to have babyindresp------78
    reasend8_2empl spell no. 2: Left to have babyindresp------78
    reasend8_3empl spell no. 3: Left to have babyindresp------78
    reasend8_4empl spell no. 4: Left to have babyindresp------78
    reasend8_5empl spell no. 5: Left to have babyindresp------78
    reasend8_6empl spell no. 6: Left to have babyindresp------78
    reasend8_7empl spell no. 7: Left to have babyindresp-------8
    reasend8_8empl spell no. 8: Left to have babyindresp-------8
    reasend8_9empl spell no. 9: Left to have babyindresp-------8
    reasend9empl spell no. 9: reason job endedindresp-23-----
    reasend9_1empl spell no. 1: Look after familyindresp------78
    reasend9_2empl spell no. 2: Look after familyindresp------78
    reasend9_3empl spell no. 3: Look after familyindresp------78
    reasend9_4empl spell no. 4: Look after familyindresp------78
    reasend9_5empl spell no. 5: Look after familyindresp------78
    reasend9_6empl spell no. 6: Look after familyindresp------78
    reasend9_7empl spell no. 7: Look after familyindresp-------8
    reasend9_8empl spell no. 8: Look after familyindresp-------8
    reasend9_9empl spell no. 9: Look after familyindresp-------8
    reasend97_1empl spell no. 1: Other reasonindresp------78
    reasend97_2empl spell no. 2: Other reasonindresp------78
    reasend97_3empl spell no. 3: Other reasonindresp------78
    reasend97_4empl spell no. 4: Other reasonindresp------78
    reasend97_5empl spell no. 5: Other reasonindresp------78
    reasend97_6empl spell no. 6: Other reasonindresp------78
    reasend97_7empl spell no. 7: Other reasonindresp-------8
    reasend97_8empl spell no. 8: Other reasonindresp-------8
    reasend97_9empl spell no. 9: Other reasonindresp-------8
    reasend971empl spell no. 1: Other reasonindresp
    reasend972empl spell no. 2: Other reasonindresp
    reasend973empl spell no. 3: Other reasonindresp
    reasend974empl spell no. 4: Other reasonindresp
    reasend975empl spell no. 5: Other reasonindresp
    reasend976empl spell no. 6: Other reasonindresp
    reasendoth_code_1empl spell no. 1: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_2empl spell no. 2: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_3empl spell no. 3: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_4empl spell no. 4: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_5empl spell no. 5: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_6empl spell no. 6: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_7empl spell no. 7: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_8empl spell no. 8: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    reasendoth_code_9empl spell no. 9: Job finished for other reasonsindresp-------8
    resjobdeny4Sexual orientationindresp1-3-5-7-
    resjobdeny5Health or disabilityindresp1-3-5-7-
    resjobdeny8Language or accentindresp1-3-5-7-
    resjobdeny9Dress or appearanceindresp1-3-5-7-
    resjobdeny96None of the aboveindresp1-3-5-7-
    resjobdeny97Other reasonindresp1-3-5-7-
    rtrlycEarly retirement: no choiceindresp
  • B11
  • ----
  • B16
  • --
    secjob_tmstart time for secjob module (seconds)indresp1-------
    spjbWhether spouse/partner employed nowindresp
    spjbhrSpouse/partner's weekly work hoursindresp
    spjbotSpouse/partner's weekly overtimeindresp
    sppaygSpouse/partner's monthly gross payindresp
    sppaygiImputation flag - RSPPAYG (derived)indresp
    statendd1empl spell no. 1: Employment status end: dayindresp-2345678
    statendd10empl spell no. 10: employment status end: dayindresp-2------
    statendd2empl spell no. 2: Employment status end: dayindresp-2345678
    statendd3empl spell no. 3: Employment status end: dayindresp-2345678
    statendd4empl spell no. 4: Employment status end: dayindresp-2345678
    statendd5empl spell no. 5: Employment status end: dayindresp-2345678
    statendd6empl spell no. 6: Employment status end: dayindresp-2345678
    statendd7empl spell no. 7: employment status end: dayindresp-23--6-8
    statendd8empl spell no. 8: employment status end dayindresp-23----8
    statendd9empl spell no. 9: employment status end dayindresp-23----8
    statendm1empl spell no. 1: Employment status end: monthindresp-2345678
    statendm10empl spell no. 10: employment status end: monthindresp-2------
    statendm2empl spell no. 2: Employment status end: monthindresp-2345678
    statendm3empl spell no. 3: Employment status end: monthindresp-2345678
    statendm4empl spell no. 4: Employment status end: monthindresp-2345678
    statendm5empl spell no. 5: Employment status end: monthindresp-2345678
    statendm6empl spell no. 6: Employment status end: monthindresp-2345678
    statendm7empl spell no. 7: employment status end: monthindresp-23--6-8
    statendm8empl spell no. 8: month employment status endedindresp-23----8
    statendm9empl spell no. 9: month employment status endedindresp-23----8
    statendy41empl spell no. 1: Employment status end: yearindresp-2345678
    statendy410empl spell no. 10: employment status end: yearindresp-2------
    statendy42empl spell no. 2: Employment status end: yearindresp-2345678
    statendy43empl spell no. 3: Employment status end: yearindresp-2345678
    statendy44empl spell no. 4: Employment status end: yearindresp-2345678
    statendy45empl spell no. 5: Employment status end: yearindresp-2345678
    statendy46empl spell no. 6: Employment status end: yearindresp-2345678
    statendy47empl spell no. 7: employment status end: yearindresp-23--6-8
    statendy48empl spell no. 8: year employment status endedindresp-23----8
    statendy49empl spell no. 9: year employment status endedindresp-23----8
    twkcarease of travelling to work if not by car/vanindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkcary1too far or long journeyindresp-2------
    twkcary10traffic, congestion, or roadworksindresp-2------
    twkcary11lack of or no cycle lanesindresp-2------
    twkcary12vehicle essential for jobindresp-2------
    twkcary14combine trip with other journeysindresp-2------
    twkcary2not possible by public transportindresp-2------
    twkcary3unreliable public transportindresp-2------
    twkcary4cost of public transport/taxisindresp-2------
    twkcary5poor info about public transportindresp-2------
    twkcary6poor connectionsindresp-2------
    twkcary7find public transport unpleasantindresp-2------
    twkcary8personal disabilityindresp-2------
    twkcary9concerns over personal safetyindresp-2------
    twkcary97other reasonindresp-2------
    twkcarymwhy non-car commute difficult most importantindresp-2------
    twkdiff1spontaneous: no, no difficultiesindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff2too farindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff3cost of petrolindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff4lack of parking facilitiesindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff5cost of parkingindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff6traffic congestion or roadworksindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff7personal safety concernsindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff8stress of drivingindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiffmmain difficulty commuting by carindresp-2-4-6-8
    wkaut1autonomy over job tasksindresp-2-4-6-8
    wkaut2autonomy over work paceindresp-2-4-6-8
    wkaut3autonomy over work mannerindresp-2-4-6-8
    wkaut4autonomy over task orderindresp-2-4-6-8
    wkaut5autonomy over work hoursindresp-2-4-6-8
    wkendsusually works weekendsindresp-2-4-6-8
    wkhomewillingness to work from homeindresp-2------
    wkphysphysicality of jobindresp-2--5---
    wkplsamSame workplace checkindresp-2345678
    wktimetimes of day usually workedindresp-2-4-6-8
    workdisdistance from workindresp12-4-6-8
    worktravMode of transport for journey to workindresp12345678