Main Survey

Household Composition

agechy_dvAge of youngest child in HHhhresp12345678
eq_moecd(mean) eq_moecdhhresp
g7binformation about unproductive addresses. g.7: number of persons aged 10-15 ihhsamp1-------
g7cinformation about unproductive addresses. g.7: number of persons aged 0-9 inhhsamp1-------
hhsizenumber of people in householdhhresp12345678
hhsizenumber of people in householdindresp
hhtype_dvComposition of household, LFS-versionhhresp12345678
hhtype_dvComposition of household, LFS-versionindresp12345678
ieqmoecd_dvModified OECD equivalence scalehhresp12345678
n10to15Number of children aged 10 - 15 in HHhhresp1234-678
n1619absNumber of kids aged 16-19 with one and only one parent in HHindresp----5-78
nadoecd_dvNumber of adults aged 14+ in hh, OECD definitionhhresp12345678
nch02_dvNumber of children aged 0-2 in householdhhresp12345678
nch1215_dvNumber of children aged 12-15 in householdhhresp12345678
nch34_dvNumber of children aged 3-4 in householdhhresp12345678
nch511_dvNumber of children aged 5-11 in householdhhresp12345678
nchild_dvNumber of own children in householdindall12345678
nchild_dvNumber of own children in householdindresp12345678
nchoecd_dvNumber of children aged 0-13 in hh, OECD definitionhhresp12345678
ncouple_dv# of couples within hhhhresp12345678
nemp_dvNumber employed in the hhhhresp12345678
nkids_dvNumber of children in householdhhresp12345678
nkids015Number of children aged 0-15 in hholdhhresp-234-678
nkids615Number of children aged 6-15 in hholdhhresp---4-678
nonepar_dvNumber of lone parents in hhhhresp12345678
npens_dv# of people over pensionable age in hhhhresp12345678
npensionerNumber of pensioners in the hholdhhresp---45678
npensioner_dvTotal # of pensionable age in hhchild-23-----
npensioner_dvTotal # of pensionable age in hhhhresp12345678
npensioner_dvTotal # of pensionable age in hhindall12345678
npensioner_dvTotal # of pensionable age in hhindresp12345678
nue_dvNumber not in paid employment in the hhhhresp12345678
numadultnumber of adults (aged 16 or over) in householdhhresp1234----
numchildnumber of children (aged 15 or under) in householdhhresp1-------
numcivilnumber of civil partners with partners in householdhhresp---45---
numlivewithnumber living with someonehhresp---4----
nummpartnumber married with spouses in hholdhhresp---45---
nunder10number of children aged 9 or under in householdhhresp1234----
nunder15number of children aged 14 or under in householdhhresp1234----
nwage_dvNumber working age in hhhhresp12345678
pacurrfather currently livesindresp-----6--
prelRel between proxy and proxy informantindresp12345678
pyraIC: respondent the responsible adultindresp
  • B5
  • B6
  • ------------
    twinconfTwins in hhchild---45678
    twinnoTwin Numberchild-----678
    twinzygZygotic twins in hhchild-----678
    twinzyg1multiple birth sibling no. 1: zygotic twins in hholdschild---45---
    twinzyg2multiple birth sibling no. 2: zygotic twins in hholdschild----5---
    ynlp14Why not living with both biological parentsindresp1----6--
  • B13
  • -----
    ynlp14Why not living with both biological parentsxwavedat
    ynlp14_bhWhy not living with both bio parentsindresp
  • B13
  • -----
    ypstephasDo you have a step-mother or father, or someone like this, living at home wityouth--3-5-7-
    ypsteprelHow would you rate your relationship with your step-mother or father, or otheyouth--3-5-7-