Main Survey


altcar1joining a car clubindresp-2------
altcar10underground/metro/tram/light railwayindresp-2------
altcar2car sharing scheme run by employerindresp-2------
altcar3working from homeindresp-2------
altcar4get a lift with someone in hhindresp-2------
altcar5get a lift with someone os hhindresp-2------
altcar6motorcycle, moped or scooterindresp-2------
altcar7taxi or minicabindresp-2------
altcar8bus or coachindresp-2------
carage1car no.1: Age of car/vanhhresp---4--78
carage10car no.10: age of car/vanhhresp---4----
carage2car no.2: Age of car/vanhhresp---4--78
carage3car no.3: Age of car/vanhhresp---4--78
carage4car no.4: Age of car/vanhhresp---4--78
carage5car no.5: Age of car/vanhhresp---4--78
carage6car no.6: age of car/vanhhresp---4----
carage7car no.7: age of car/vanhhresp---4----
carage8car no.8: age of car/vanhhresp---4----
carage9car no.9: age of car/vanhhresp---4----
carbuy12features - sat-nav, cd player, music system, power steering etc...indresp---4-6-8
carbuy2costs - purchase/running/resale value/tax/insuranceindresp---4-6-8
carbuy3small engineindresp---4-6-8
carbuy4large engineindresp---4-6-8
carbuy5environmentally friendly/low co2 emissionsindresp---4-6-8
carbuy6electric car/van - one that's plugged directly into an electricity supplyindresp---4-6-8
carbuy7style/design/image of brand/modelindresp---4-6-8
carbuy8interior space/functionality/boot sizeindresp---4-6-8
carbuy97other thingsindresp---4-6-8
carclubwillingness to use car clubindresp-2------
carfuel1car no.1: Type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4--78
carfuel10car no.10: type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4----
carfuel2car no.2: Type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4--78
carfuel3car no.3: Type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4--78
carfuel4car no.4: Type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4--78
carfuel5car no.5: Type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4--78
carfuel6car no.6: type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4----
carfuel7car no.7: type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4----
carfuel8car no.8: type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4----
carfuel9car no.9: type of fuel car/van useshhresp---4----
caring_tmstart time for caring module (seconds)indresp1-------
carjobWhose employer provides company carindresp
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    carmilesmiles driven last 12 monthsindresp1--4----
    carn2h1car no.1: Car/Van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4--78
    carn2h10car no.10: car/van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4----
    carn2h2car no.2: Car/Van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4--78
    carn2h3car no.3: Car/Van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4--78
    carn2h4car no.4: Car/Van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4--78
    carn2h5car no.5: Car/Van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4--78
    carn2h6car no.6: car/van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4----
    carn2h7car no.7: car/van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4----
    carn2h8car no.8: car/van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4----
    carn2h9car no.9: car/van bought new or secondhandhhresp---4----
    carnum1car number 1hhresp1-------
    carnum2car number 2hhresp1-------
    carnum3car number 3hhresp1-------
    carnum4car number 4hhresp1-------
    carnum5engine size of car 5hhresp1-------
    carownHousehold member owns vehiclehhresp-23-----
    carowrWho owns the carindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    carowrpPNO of car owner, if household memberindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    carsharewillingness to use car share schemeindresp-2------
    carsrv1formal car sharing schemeindresp---4-6-8
    carsrv2car club (e.g. street car, zip car, city car etc.)indresp---4-6-8
    caruseHas use of a car or vanindresp12345678
    carvalvalue vehicle(s) less amount outstandinghhresp-2345678
    carvalvalue vehicle(s) less amount outstandingindresp
  • B1
  • -----------------
    carvanarf a3: based on your observation, is it likely that this address has ahhsamp123-----
    carvanbsigns of a car or van belonginghhsamp---45678
    combikewillingness to commute by bicycleindresp-2------
    combuswillingness to commute by bus or coachindresp-2------
    commetrowillingness to commute by underground/metro/tram/lt railindresp-2------
    comotherwillingness to commute by any other meansindresp-2------
    comtaxiwillingness to commute by taxi or minicabindresp-2------
    comtrainwillingness to commute by trainindresp-2------
    comwalkwillingness to commute by walkingindresp-2------
    driveDriving licenceindresp12345678
  • B1
  • B2
  • ----------------
    ensize1engine size of car 1hhresp1-------
    ensize2engine size of car 2hhresp1-------
    ensize3engine size of car 3hhresp1-------
    ensize4engine size of car 4hhresp1-------
    ensize5engine size of car 5hhresp1-------
    ensze1car no.1: Engine sizehhresp---4--78
    ensze10car no.10: engine sizehhresp---4----
    ensze2car no.2: Engine sizehhresp---4--78
    ensze3car no.3: Engine sizehhresp---4--78
    ensze4car no.4: Engine sizehhresp---4--78
    ensze5car no.5: Engine sizehhresp---4--78
    ensze6car no.6: engine sizehhresp---4----
    ensze7car no.7: engine sizehhresp---4----
    ensze8car no.8: engine sizehhresp---4----
    ensze9car no.9: engine sizehhresp---4----
    jbttwmMain means of travel to workindresp
    jbttwtminutes spent travelling to workindresp12345678
    jsttwmS/emp: Main means of travel to workindresp
    jsttwts/emp: commuting time providedindresp12345678
    jsttwtbS/emp: commuting timeindresp12345678
    jsttwtb_cawiTime taken to get to work (CAWI)indresp------78
    lifthhwillingness to rideshare with hh memberindresp-2------
    liftxhhwillingness to rideshare with non-hh memberindresp-2------
    mgxty3car purchasehhresp-2345678
    mgxty3_bhExtra loan for car purchasehhresp
    motcycwillingness to use a motorcycle/moped/scooterindresp-2------
    ncarsnumber of cars in householdhhresp12345678
    ncarsnumber of cars in householdindresp---45---
    ncars_bhCar or van available for private usehhresp
    pncarsnumber of cars in hhindresp---4-6-8
    sattransy1lack of transport informationindresp--3--6--
    sattransy10anxiety/lack of confidenceindresp--3--6--
    sattransy2cost of transport / financial reasonsindresp--3--6--
    sattransy3no public transport availableindresp--3--6--
    sattransy4public transport is infrequent or unreliableindresp--3--6--
    sattransy5can't access the public transport that is availableindresp--3--6--
    sattransy6transport doesn't go where i need it toindresp--3--6--
    sattransy7fear of crowdsindresp--3--6--
    sattransy8attitudes of other peopleindresp--3--6--
    sattransy9fear of crimeindresp--3--6--
    sattransy97other reasonsindresp--3--6--
    servaccy10no access to a car as a driver or passengerindresp--3--6--
    servaccy6public transport is infrequent or unreliableindresp--3--6--
    servaccy7no public transport availableindresp--3--6--
    servaccy8can't access the public transport that is availableindresp--3--6--
    servaccy9public transport does not go to where the services areindresp--3--6--
    trbikefqfrequency of using a bicycleindresp---4-6-8
    trbusfqfrequency of travel by busindresp---4-6-8
    trcarfqfrequency of travel by carindresp---4-6-8
    trtrnfqfrequency of travel by trainindresp---4-6-8
    twkcarease of travelling to work if not by car/vanindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkcary1too far or long journeyindresp-2------
    twkcary10traffic, congestion, or roadworksindresp-2------
    twkcary11lack of or no cycle lanesindresp-2------
    twkcary12vehicle essential for jobindresp-2------
    twkcary14combine trip with other journeysindresp-2------
    twkcary2not possible by public transportindresp-2------
    twkcary3unreliable public transportindresp-2------
    twkcary4cost of public transport/taxisindresp-2------
    twkcary5poor info about public transportindresp-2------
    twkcary6poor connectionsindresp-2------
    twkcary7find public transport unpleasantindresp-2------
    twkcary8personal disabilityindresp-2------
    twkcary9concerns over personal safetyindresp-2------
    twkcary97other reasonindresp-2------
    twkcarymwhy non-car commute difficult most importantindresp-2------
    twkdiff1spontaneous: no, no difficultiesindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff2too farindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff3cost of petrolindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff4lack of parking facilitiesindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff5cost of parkingindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff6traffic congestion or roadworksindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff7personal safety concernsindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiff8stress of drivingindresp-2-4-6-8
    twkdiffmmain difficulty commuting by carindresp-2-4-6-8
    vreguknnumber of vehicles registered in the ukindresp----5---
    whodrive1car no.1: Main driver of carhhresp1--4--78
    whodrive10car no.10: main driver of carhhresp---4----
    whodrive2car no.2: Main driver of carhhresp1--4--78
    whodrive3car no.3: Main driver of carhhresp1--4--78
    whodrive4car no.4: Main driver of carhhresp1--4--78
    whodrive5car no.5: Main driver of carhhresp1--4--78
    whodrive6car no.6: main driver of carhhresp---4----
    whodrive7car no.7: main driver of carhhresp---4----
    whodrive8car no.8: main driver of carhhresp---4----
    whodrive9car no.9: main driver of carhhresp---4----
    workdisdistance from workindresp12-4-6-8
    worktravMode of transport for journey to workindresp12345678
    ynotbike1i have never learnt how to ride a bicycleindresp---4-6-8
    ynotbike2disability or long-term illness makes it impossible for me cycleindresp---4-6-8
    ynotbike3i do not own a bicycleindresp---4-6-8
    ynotbike96none of the aboveindresp---4-6-8
    yptrvl2schwhat is the main way you usually travel to school?youth12-4-6-8
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