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Consent to link child education data intro - E

The Department for Education holds information about your child's education. This information includes details on the schools or colleges attended, the courses studied and the qualifications gained as well as other characteristics such as attendance, suspensions or exclusions, whether they have/had a special educational need, or have ever been eligible for free school meals. We would like to add this information to your survey answers child aged 10-15and those of your child. This will create a more accurate picture of your child's life and experiences, and will be used for research and statistical purposes only. It will be kept confidential and names and addresses are never included in the results. No individual can be identified in reports. We would like to link in information about your child's education to your survey responses child aged 10-15and those of your child on a yearly basis.To do this we need your permission to pass the minimum amount of your child's personal details (full name, gender, date of birth and full address) to The Department for Education so they can identify your child's individual education record. They will then create a link between this record and your survey responses child aged 10-15and those of your child, before making your child's records anonymous. The education record will be placed on a secure website so that researchers can use it for research and statistical purposes. Further information about what will happen to your child's data can be found in this leaflet and can also be found on the Understanding Society website. You may withdraw your permission for The Department for Education to disclose your information at anytime. Details on how to do this can be found in the leaflet and on the website.

if GRIDVARIABLES.modetype = 1 (Mode is face-to-face)
and if (GRIDVARIABLES.NCHRESP415 > 0) & any(ff_consenteduckid = 0|2|5|empty) (Responsible adult for a child aged 4 to 15 and consent to link to any child's education records not given/missing)
and if HHGRID.region = 1 (Living in England)

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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency


Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-1120.03%
respondent read leaflet and is happy to proceed with consent118363.9%
not happy to give consent213332.83%
spontaneous: child not yet in education3840.18%