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d_area moved for area related reasons

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Datafile: d_indresp

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Moved for area related reasons

if ff_ivlolw = 1 | ff_everint = 1 (interviewed at prior wave or has been interviewed previously) and if (HHGrid.OrigAdd = 1 & (HHGrid.NewPer = 2 | AdCts = 2)) | (HHGrid.OrigAdd = 2 & AdCts 1) (HH interviewed at current address previously and respondent is a rejoiner or respondent has not lived at current address continuously since previous interview, or HH interviewed at a different address previously and respondent has not lived at the current address continuously since previous interview) and if MovY1 = 5 (Moved for area related reasons)
What area related reason was that?
Associated variables


Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
disliked absence of facilities/isolation1120.03%
wanted to move to a more rural environment2590.13%
disliked traffic (including noise or danger from traffic)3110.02%
disliked crime, vandalism, etc/area unsafe4320.07%
noise (other than traffic)5170.04%
unfriendly area/disliked neighbours6240.05%
wanted to move to specific place7900.19%
disliked area8460.1%
none of the above/other reason9580.12%

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