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Consent to link to benefit data intro

if GRIDVARIABLES.modetype = 1 (Mode is face-to-face) and if ff_consentben = 1|empty (Eligible for benefit consent questions (including new entrants))
Thank you for taking part in this study. Your answers are of great value and interest to many academic and social policy researchers who will make good use of them. We would like to add records held by the region = England/Scotland/WalesDepartment for Work and Pensionsregion = Northern IrelandSocial Security Agency, containing information they hold on your benefit claims and time on employment programs, to the responses you have given to this study. Linking the information will help us to get a fuller picture about who claims benefits or seeks help from the region = England/Scotland/WalesDWPregion = Northern IrelandSSA. All information will be used for research purposes only. It will be used by academic or policy researchers under restricted access arrangements which make sure that the information is used responsibly and safely. Please read this leaflet explaining how we would like to attach your region = England/Scotland/WalesDWPregion = Northern IrelandSSA records to the answers you have given in this study and let me know if you have any questions. Do you give permission for us to pass your name, address, sex and date of birth to the region = England/Scotland/WalesDWPregion = Northern IrelandSSA for this purpose?
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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-1540.11%
respondent has read leaflet and is happy to give consent12677256.88%
respondent does not want to give consent21513932.17%

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