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d_dvm2 marst change 2: month divorce/cp dissolved

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Month divorce/CP dissolved

if ff_ivlolw = 1 | ff_everint = 1 (interviewed at prior wave or has been interviewed previously) and if RelUp > 1 (Not in the group 'last wave husband/wife/CP still resident') and if MStatSam = 1 | MStatSamN = 1 (Legal marital status has changed since last wave) and if MStatCh = 5 | 8 (New legal marital status is divorced or former civil partner (civil partnership legally dissolved)) and if DivChk = 2 (Date given for change of marital status was date stopped living together) and if DivFin = 1 (Divorce/dissolved civil partnership is final)
In what month and year did your MStatCh = 5divorce or annulmentMStatCh = 8dissolved civil partnership become final?
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