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Consent to link child education data intro - S/W/NI

if GRIDVARIABLES.modetype = 1 (Mode is face-to-face) and if (GRIDVARIABLES.NCHRESP415 > 0) & any(ff_consenteduckid = 0|2|5|empty) (Responsible adult for a child aged 4 to 15 and consent to link to any child's education records not given/missing) and if HHGRID.region = 2|3|4 (Living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)
We would like to add some information from your child's/children's administrative education records to the answers you have given. This will create a more accurate picture of your child's life and experiences, and will be used for research and statistical purposes only. It will be kept confidential and names and addresses are never included in the results. No individual can be identified in reports. This leaflet gives you information about what we would like to do. Please read it, ask me any questions and sign the form if you are happy for us to do this.
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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-170.01%
respondent read leaflet and is happy to proceed with consent16061.29%
not happy to give consent24891.04%
spontaneous: child not yet in education3220.05%

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