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Standard Occupational Classification 1990 (SOC 1990) of first job after leaving full-time education. Condensed 2-digit version. The classification is coded post-field using the respondent’s description of the job. In the first two waves of Understanding Society the description was first coded to the code frame of SOC 2000. From Wave 3 onward, descriptions of new jobs were first coded to the code frame of SOC 2010 and the code for earlier versions of the classification was computed from a look-up file.



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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
General managers and administrators in national and local government, large companies and organisation10220.05%
Production managers in manufacturing, construction, mining and energy industries11450.1%
Specialist managers121980.42%
Financial institution and office managers, civil service executive officers132440.52%
Managers in transport and storing14420.09%
Protective service officers15230.05%
Managers in farming, horticulture, forestry and fishing16990.21%
Manager, and proprietors in service industries173660.78%
Managers and administrators n.e.c.19510.11%
Natural scientists201630.35%
Engineers and technologists212290.49%
Health professional222040.43%
Teaching professionals237481.59%
Legal professionals24810.17%
Business and financial professionals251020.22%
Architects and surveyors26580.12%
Librarians and related professionals2780.02%
Professional occupations n.e.c.29570.12%
Scientific technicians302370.5%
Draughtspersons, quantity surveyors and other surveyors31890.19%
Computer analysts /programmers321500.32%
Ship and aircraft officers, air traffic planners and controllers33260.06%
Health associate professionals346011.28%
Legal associate professionals35150.03%
Business and financial associate professionals361440.31%
Social welfare associate professionals37790.17%
Literary, artistic and sports professional383960.84%
Associate professional occupations n.e.c.391110.24%
Administrative /clerical officers and assistants in civil service and local government403260.69%
Numerical clerks and cashiers4111852.52%
Filing and record clerks423910.83%
Clerks (not otherwise specified)4313842.94%
Stores and despatch clerks, storekeepers443250.69%
Secretaries, personal assistants, typists, word processors operators456401.36%
Receptionists, telephonists and related occupations463060.65%
Clerical and secretarial occupations n.e.c.491540.33%
Construction trades503380.72%
Metal machining, fitting and instrument making trades514390.93%
Electrical/electronic trades523580.76%
Metal farming, welding and related trades533040.65%
Travel and transport vehicles543150.67%
Textiles, garments and related trades556371.35%
Printing and related trades561400.3%
Woodworking trades572880.61%
Food preparation trades581590.34%
Other craft and related occupations n.e.c.592270.48%
NCOs and other ranks, armed forces602040.43%
Security and protected service occupations611320.28%
Catering occupations628181.74%
Travel attendants and related occupation63440.09%
Health and related occupations644480.95%
Childcare and related occupations654410.94%
Hairdressers, beauticians and related occupation664520.96%
Domestic staff and related occupations67810.17%
Personal and protect service occupation n.e.c.69950.2%
Buyers brokers and related agents70240.05%
Sales representatives711180.25%
Sales assistants and check-out operators7224655.24%
Mobile, market and door-to-door salespersons731010.21%
Sales n.e.c.791110.24%
Food drink and tobacco process operatives801880.4%
Textiles and tannery process operatives81830.18%
Chemicals, paper, plastics and related process operatives82760.16%
Metal making and treating process operatives83250.05%
Metal working process operatives841130.24%
Other routine process operatives864320.92%
Road transport operatives87770.16%
Other transport and machinery operatives88930.2%
Machine and plant operatives n.e.c.891560.33%
Other occupations m agriculture, forestry and fishing904140.88%
Other occupations in mining and manufacturing914721.0%
Other occupations in construction921990.42%
Other occupations in transport93820.17%
Other occupations in communication941420.3%
Other occupations in sales and service959221.96%
Other occupations n.e.c.99620.13%

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