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d_j2soc10_cc Second current job: SOC 2010, condensed

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Standard Occupational Classification 2010 (SOC 2010) of second job currently held. Condensed 3-digit version. The classification is coded post-field using the respondent’s description of the job. In the first two waves of Understanding Society the description was first coded to the code frame of SOC 2000. From Wave 3 onward, job descriptions were first coded to the code frame of SOC 2010 and the code for earlier versions of the classification was computed from a look-up file. Currently unavailable for Wave 1.



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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
Chief Executives and Senior Officials11180.02%
Production Managers and Directors11220.0%
Functional Managers and Directors11390.02%
Managers and Directors in Transport and Logistics11610.0%
Senior Officers in Protective Services11730.01%
Health and Social Services Managers and Directors11840.01%
Managers and Directors in Retail and Wholesale11910.0%
Managers and Proprietors in Agriculture Related Services12150.01%
Managers and Proprietors in Hospitality and Leisure Services122150.03%
Managers and Proprietors in Health and Care Services12450.01%
Managers and Proprietors in Other Services125590.13%
Natural and Social Science Professionals21160.01%
Engineering Professionals21240.01%
Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals213250.05%
Health Professionals221280.06%
Therapy Professionals222210.04%
Nursing and Midwifery Professionals223330.07%
Teaching and Educational Professionals2311640.35%
Legal Professionals24170.01%
Business, Research and Administrative Professionals242120.03%
Architects, Town Planners and Surveyors24330.01%
Welfare Professionals244100.02%
Media Professionals24770.01%
Science, Engineering and Production Technicians31130.01%
Draughtspersons and Related Architectural Technicians31270.01%
Information Technology Technicians31330.01%
Health Associate Professionals321230.05%
Welfare and Housing Associate Professionals323380.08%
Protective Service Occupations331330.07%
Artistic, Literary and Media Occupations3411610.34%
Design Occupations342190.04%
Sports and Fitness Occupations344670.14%
Transport Associate Professionals35120.0%
Legal Associate Professionals35210.0%
Business, Finance and Related Associate Professionals353160.03%
Sales, Marketing and Related Associate Professionals354350.07%
Public Services and Other Associate Professionals356270.06%
Administrative Occupations: Government and Related Organisations411110.02%
Administrative Occupations: Finance412500.11%
Administrative Occupations: Records413100.02%
Other Administrative Occupations415430.09%
Secretarial and Related Occupations421380.08%
Agricultural and Related Trades511450.1%
Metal Forming, Welding and Related Trades52110.0%
Metal Machining, Fitting and Instrument Making Trades52270.01%
Vehicle Trades523150.03%
Electrical and Electronic Trades524180.04%
Construction and Building Trades531310.07%
Building Finishing Trades532120.03%
Construction and Building Trades Supervisors53310.0%
Textiles and Garments Trades54150.01%
Printing Trades54210.0%
Food Preparation and Hospitality Trades543370.08%
Other Skilled Trades544280.06%
Childcare and Related Personal Services6121020.22%
Animal Care and Control Services613160.03%
Caring Personal Services614940.2%
Leisure and Travel Services621240.05%
Hairdressers and Related Services622310.07%
Housekeeping and Related Services62370.01%
Cleaning and Housekeeping Managers and Supervisors62410.0%
Sales Assistants and Retail Cashiers711720.15%
Sales Related Occupations712530.11%
Sales Supervisors71310.0%
Customer Service Occupations721120.03%
Customer Service Managers and Supervisors72210.0%
Process Operatives81150.01%
Plant and Machine Operatives81260.01%
Assemblers and Routine Operatives81350.01%
Construction Operatives81490.02%
Road Transport Drivers821340.07%
Mobile Machine Drivers and Operatives82210.0%
Other Drivers and Transport Operatives82320.0%
Elementary Agricultural Occupations911200.04%
Elementary Construction Occupations912130.03%
Elementary Process Plant Occupations91340.01%
Elementary Administration Occupations921200.04%
Elementary Cleaning Occupations9231190.25%
Elementary Security Occupations924390.08%
Elementary Sales Occupations92530.01%
Elementary Storage Occupations92670.01%
Other Elementary Services Occupations9271300.28%

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