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d_jbisco88_cc Current job: ISCO88 (condensed 3 digits version)

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International Classification of Occupations 1988 (ISCO 88) of current job. Condensed 3-digit version. Current job refers to being in paid employment during the last week, even if respondent was away from work in that week.





Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
Armed forces10450.1%
Senior officials of special interest organizations114330.07%
Directors and chief executives121130.03%
Production and operations department managers12211412.42%
Other departmental managers12315373.27%
General managers1316081.29%
Physicists, chemists and related professionals211550.12%
Computing professionals2133870.82%
Architects, engineers and related professionals2144440.94%
Life science professionals221700.15%
Health professionals (except nursing)2222890.61%
College, university and higher education teaching professionals2313120.66%
Secondary education teaching professionals2325111.09%
Primary and pre-primary education teaching professionals2334030.86%
Special education teaching professionals234550.12%
Other teaching professionals2352590.55%
Business professionals2415281.12%
Legal professionals2421470.31%
Archivists, librarians and related information professionals243310.07%
Social sciences and related professionals2441790.38%
Writers and creative or performing artists2451740.37%
Religious professionals246530.11%
Physical and engineering science technicians3112670.57%
Computer associate professionals3121660.35%
Optical and electronic equipment operators313830.18%
Ship and aircraft controllers and technicians314330.07%
Safety and quality inspectors315900.19%
Life science technicians and related associate professionals321260.06%
Modern health associate professionals (except nursing)3223880.82%
Nursing and midwifery associate professionals3236831.45%
Other teaching associate professionals3341820.39%
Finance and sales associate professionals3419452.01%
Business services agents and trade brokers34250.01%
Administrative associate professionals343730.16%
Customs, tax and related government associate professionals344830.18%
Police inspectors and detectives345110.02%
Social work associate professionals3463610.77%
Artistic, entertainment and sports associate professionals3474330.92%
Secretaries and keyboard-operating clerks4114250.9%
Numerical clerks4124981.06%
Material-recording and transport clerks4131740.37%
Library, mail and related clerks4141920.41%
Other office clerks41911332.41%
Cashiers, tellers and related clerks4211840.39%
Client information clerks4227091.51%
Travel attendants and related workers511890.19%
Housekeeping and restaurant services workers5126751.43%
Personal care and related workers51322104.7%
Other personal service workers5143040.65%
Protective services workers5162780.59%
Shop salespersons and demonstrators52215073.2%
Market gardeners and crop growers6111660.35%
Market-oriented crop and animal producers613990.21%
Fishery workers, hunters and trappers615330.07%
Building frame and related trades workers7124070.86%
Building finishers and related trades workers7134951.05%
Painters, building structure cleaners and related trade workers7141200.25%
Metal moulders, welders, sheet-metalworkers, structural-metal preparers and related trades workers721970.21%
Blacksmiths, toolmakers and related trades workers722580.12%
Machinery mechanics and fitters7233940.84%
Electrical and electronic equipment mechanics and fitters7241760.37%
Precision workers in metal and related materials731240.05%
Potters, glass-makers and related trades workers73270.01%
Handicraft workers in wood, textile, leather and related materials733180.04%
Printing and related trades workers734500.11%
Food processing and related trades workers741690.15%
Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers742320.07%
Textile, garment and related trades workers743470.1%
Felt, leather and shoemaking trades workers74450.01%
Stationary plant and related operators810230.05%
Mining and mineral-processing plant operators81190.02%
Metal-processing plant operators812230.05%
Glass, ceramics and related plant operators81370.01%
Wood processing and papermaking plant operators814380.08%
Chemical processing plant operators815410.09%
Power production and related plant operators816150.03%
Metal and mineral products machine operators821750.16%
Chemical products machine operators82260.01%
Rubber and plastic products machine operators823350.07%
Textile, fur and leather products machine operators826510.11%
Food and related products machine operators8271150.24%
Other machine operators and assemblers8291750.37%
Locomotive engine-drivers and related workers831270.06%
Motor vehicle drivers8327521.6%
Agricultural and other mobile plant operators8331060.23%
Ships' deck crews and related workers83460.01%
Street vendors and related workers911560.12%
Domestic and related helpers, cleaners and launderers91310252.18%
Building caretakers, window and related cleaners914970.21%
Messengers, porters, doorkeepers and related workers9155971.27%
Garbage collectors and related labourers916600.13%
Agricultural, fishery and related labourers921780.17%
Mining and construction labourers9312760.59%
Manufacturing labourers9321490.32%
Transport labourers and freight handlers9333320.71%


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