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Standard Occupational Classification 2000 (SOC2000) of current job. Condensed 3-digit version. Current job refers to being in paid employment during the last week, even if respondent was away from work in that week. The classification is coded post-field using the respondent’s description of the job. From Wave 2 onwards the job description is collected using proactive dependent interviewing. Respondents who held a current job in their last personal interview (i.e., when their interview outcome was full adult interview) and for whom a valid Standard Occupational Classification code was available were asked whether the job description provided in that interview was still true. If the description has changed, the new description was collected and coded post-field. If the description was confirmed, the Standard Occupational Classification code from the last interview is used. Note that information from interviews with proxies is not fed forward. In the first two waves of Understanding Society the description was first coded to the code frame of SOC 2000. From Wave 3 onward, descriptions of new jobs were first coded to the code frame of SOC 2010 and the code for earlier versions of the classification was computed from a look-up file. For detailed information on the classification, see



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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-1400.08%
Corporate managers and senior officials111870.18%
Production managers1125371.14%
Functional managers11311082.35%
Quality and customer care managers1141190.25%
Financial institution and office managers1154080.87%
Managers in distribution, storage and retailing1164430.94%
Protective service officers117580.12%
Health and social services managers1182340.5%
Managers in farming, horticulture, forestry and services121600.13%
Managers and proprietors in hospitality and leisure services1222840.6%
Managers and proprietors in other service industries1234941.05%
Science professionals2111020.22%
Engineering professionals2122860.61%
Information and communication technology professionals2133870.82%
Health professionals2213210.68%
Teaching professionals23114633.11%
Research professionals2321090.23%
Legal professionals2411470.31%
Business and statistical professionals2423840.82%
Architects, town planners, surveyors2431580.34%
Public service professionals2442230.47%
Librarians and related professionals245310.07%
Science and engineering technicians3112130.45%
Draughtspersons and building inspectors312600.13%
It service delivery occupations3131660.35%
Health associate professionals3218481.8%
Social welfare associate professionals3233610.77%
Protective service occupations3313020.64%
Artistic and literary occupations3412000.42%
Design associate professionals3421350.29%
Media associate professionals3431810.38%
Sports and fitness occupations3441310.28%
Transport associate professionals351550.12%
Legal associate professionals352570.12%
Business and finance associate professionals3534330.92%
Sales and related associate professionals3544410.94%
Conservation associate professionals355260.06%
Public service and other associate professionals3564190.89%
Administrative occupations: government and related organisations4114310.92%
Administrative occupations: finance4126821.45%
Administrative occupations: records4134630.98%
Administrative occupations: communications414500.11%
Administrative occupations: general4156431.37%
Secretarial and related occupations4216061.29%
Agricultural trades5112980.63%
Metal forming, welding and related trades521770.16%
Metal machining, fitting and instrument making trades5223010.64%
Vehicle trades5231840.39%
Electrical trades5243740.79%
Construction trades5316041.28%
Building trades5321940.41%
Textiles and garments trades541520.11%
Printing trades542500.11%
Food preparation trades5433190.68%
Skilled trades nec549770.16%
Healthcare and related personal services61112512.66%
Childcare and related personal services6128821.87%
Animal care services613420.09%
Leisure and travel service occupations6211920.41%
Hairdressers and related occupations6222230.47%
Housekeeping occupations6231330.28%
Personal services occupations nec629160.03%
Sales assistants and retail cashiers71114153.01%
Sales related occupations7121990.42%
Customer service occupations7214030.86%
Process operatives8112600.55%
Plant and machine operatives8121740.37%
Assemblers and routine operatives8132580.55%
Construction operatives8141210.26%
Transport drivers and operatives8218421.79%
Mobile machine drivers and operatives8221060.23%
Elementary agricultural occupations911780.17%
Elementary construction occupations9121670.35%
Elementary process plant occupations9131740.37%
Elementary goods storage occupations9143060.65%
Elementary administration occupations9212040.43%
Elementary personal services occupations9228371.78%
Elementary cleaning occupations9236691.42%
Elementary security occupations9243430.73%
Elementary sales occupations9251820.39%

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