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d_jbsocgr_dv RECODE of d_jbsoc00 (Current job: SOC 2000)

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Datafile: d_indresp

Derived Variable Note

Recode of D_JBSOC00 to 1 or 2 digits. Preserves socio-economic classification for respondents whose job descriptions could not be coded to the detailed 4-digit code frame. Uses D_JBSOC10 where D_JBSOC00 unknown. Assumes a value of 0 for those not currently employed.




Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-1400.08%
not currently in paid employment02041843.38%
corporate managers and directors1129966.37%
other managers and proprietors128391.78%
science, research, engineering and technology professionals217751.65%
health professionals223210.68%
teaching and educational professionals2315723.34%
business, media and public service professionals249582.04%
science, engineering and technology associate professionals314400.93%
health and social care associate professionals3213772.93%
protective service occupations333030.64%
culture, media and sports occupations346481.38%
business and public service associate professionals3514343.05%
administrative occupations4122734.83%
secretarial and related occupations426061.29%
skilled agricultural and related trades512990.64%
skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades529371.99%
skilled construction and building trades537981.7%
textiles, printing and other skilled trades544981.06%
caring personal service occupations6121764.62%
leisure, travel and related personal service occupations625641.2%
sales occupations7116143.43%
customer service occupations724040.86%
process, plant and machine operatives818141.73%
transport and mobile machine drivers and operatives829492.02%
elementary trades and related occupations917261.54%
elementary administration and service occupations9222384.76%

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