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d_jlisco88 Last job: International Classification of Occupations 1988

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International Classification of Occupations 1988 (ISCO 88) of last job. This is applicable to respondents who have not been in paid employment in the last week but were in paid employment in the past. Derived from look-up file SOC2000 to ISCO88 provided on the CAMSIS project website.




Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
Armed forces10020.0%
Directors and chief executives121010.0%
Production and operations department managers in wholesale and retail trade122410.0%
Production and operations department managers in restaurants and hotels122520.0%
Production and operations department managers in business services122730.01%
Production and operations department managers not elsewhere classified122920.0%
Finance and administration department managers123120.0%
Sales and marketing department managers123330.01%
Computing services department managers123620.0%
General managers in wholesale and retail trade131410.0%
General managers of restaurants and hotels131510.0%
General managers not elsewhere classified131920.0%
Computing professionals213020.0%
Cartographers and surveyors214810.0%
Architects, engineers and related professionals not elsewhere classified214920.0%
Medical doctors222110.0%
College, university and higher education teaching professionals231020.0%
Secondary education teaching professionals232030.01%
Primary and pre-primary education teaching professionals233020.0%
Other teaching professionals not elsewhere classified235920.0%
Personnel and careers professionals241210.0%
Business professionals not elsewhere classified241910.0%
Social work professionals244610.0%
Physical and engineering science technicians311010.0%
Physical and engineering science technicians not elsewhere classified311920.0%
Computer associate professionals312010.0%
Photographers and image and sound recording equipment operators313110.0%
Medical assistants322110.0%
Dental assistants322510.0%
Securities and finance dealers and brokers341110.0%
Estate agents341320.0%
Technical and commercial sales representatives341520.0%
Appraisers, valuers and auctioneers341710.0%
Finance and sales associate professionals not elsewhere classified341930.01%
Social work associate professionals346010.0%
Artistic, entertainment and sports associate professionals347020.0%
Decorators and commercial designers347110.0%
Radio, television and other announcers347210.0%
Numerical clerks412040.01%
Stock clerks413120.0%
Transport clerks413310.0%
Library and filing clerks414130.01%
Other office clerks419090.02%
Client information clerks422040.01%
Travel agency and related clerks422110.0%
Receptionists and information clerks422220.0%
Telephone switchboard operators422310.0%
Waiters, waitresses and bartenders5123130.03%
Child-care workers513150.01%
Institution-based personal care workers513240.01%
Home-based personal care workers5133110.02%
Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and related workers514140.01%
Other personal services workers not elsewhere classified514920.0%
Shop salespersons and demonstrators5220290.06%
Tree and shrub crop growers611260.01%
Fishery workers, hunters and trappers615030.01%
Builders, traditional materials712130.01%
Bricklayers and stonemasons712210.0%
Carpenters and joiners712410.0%
Floor layers and tile setters713210.0%
Plumbers and pipe fitters713610.0%
Building and related electricians713710.0%
Painters and related workers714110.0%
Welders and flamecutters721210.0%
Sheet metal workers721340.01%
Machinery mechanics and fitters723030.01%
Motor vehicle mechanics and fitters723120.0%
Weavers, knitters and related workers743210.0%
Shoe-makers and related workers744220.0%
Stationary plant and related operators810010.0%
Wood processing and papermaking plant operators814020.0%
Incinerator, water-treatment and related plant operators816310.0%
Machine-tool operators821120.0%
Metal finishing-, plating- and coating-machine operators822310.0%
Plastic-products machine operators823220.0%
Sewing-machine operators826350.01%
Food and related products machine operators827040.01%
Mechanical-machinery assemblers828130.01%
Other machine operators and assemblers829060.01%
Locomotive-engine drivers831110.0%
Car, taxi and van drivers832270.01%
Heavy-truck and lorry drivers832410.0%
Agricultural and other mobile plant operators833020.0%
Crane, hoist and related plant operators833310.0%
Lifting-truck operators833420.0%
Domestic helpers and cleaners9131140.03%
Helpers and cleaners in offices, hotels and other establishments9132130.03%
Building caretakers914120.0%
Messengers, package and luggage porters and deliverers915120.0%
Doorkeepers, watchpersons and related workers915250.01%
Forestry labourers921210.0%
Building construction labourers931340.01%
Manufacturing labourers932090.02%
Transport labourers and freight handlers933060.01%

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