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National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SEC), long version, of last job. This is applicable to respondents who have not been in paid employment in the last week but were in paid employment in the past. Code frame expanded to use integer values only. This is coded post-field using information on type of employer, managerial duties and training.


Uses D_JLES2000 D_JLSOC00


Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
2 Higher managerial and admin. Occupations270.01%
3.1 Higher professional: 'traditional' employees370.01%
3.2 Higher professional: 'new' employees430.01%
3.3 Higher professional: 'traditional' self-employed510.0%
3.4 Higher professional: 'new' self-employed610.0%
4.1 Lower prof./higher techn.: 'traditional' employees7170.04%
4.2 Lower prof./higher techn.: 'new' employees810.0%
4.3 Lower prof./higher techn.: 'traditional' self-employed950.01%
5 Lower managerial and admin. occupations11130.03%
6 Higher supervisory occupations1210.0%
7.1 Intermediate clerical and admin. occupations13130.03%
7.2 Intermediate sales and service occupations14180.04%
7.3 Intermediate techn. & auxiliary occupations1580.02%
8.1 Employers, small establ. (excl. agriculture)1720.0%
9.1 Own account workers (non-professional)19110.02%
10 Lower supervisory occupations21170.04%
11.1 Lower technical craft occupations22170.04%
11.2 Lower techn. process operative occupations2340.01%
12.1 Semi-routine sales operations24300.06%
12.2 Semi-routine service operations25390.08%
12.3 Semi-routine technical operations2670.01%
12.4 Semi-routine operative operations27150.03%
12.5 Semi-routine agricultural operations2820.0%
12.6 Semi-routine clerical operations2930.01%
12.7 Semi-routine childcare operations3030.01%
13.1 Routine sales and service operations31160.03%
13.2 Routine production operations32150.03%
13.3 Routine technical operations33140.03%
13.4 Routine operative operations34210.04%

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