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Occupation (SOC2000) of last job

if CURRENTEMPLOYMENT.JBHAS = 2 AND CURRENTEMPLOYMENT.JBOFF = 2 (Did no paid work in last week and does not have a job) and if ff_ivlolw 1 & ff_everint 1 (New entrant never interviewed) and if JBHAD = 1 (Ever had paid employment)
What was your job?
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Standard Occupational Classification 2000 (SOC 2000) of last job. Full 4-digit version for Special Licence release only. This is applicable to respondents who have not been in paid employment in the last week but were in paid employment in the past. The classification is coded post-field using the respondent’s description of the job. In the first two waves of Understanding Society the description was first coded to the code frame of SOC 2000. From Wave 3 onward, job descriptions were first coded to the code frame of SOC 2010 and the code for earlier versions of the classification was computed from a look-up file.



Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
Directors and chief executives (major organisations)111210.0%
Financial managers and chartered secretaries113110.0%
Marketing and sales managers113230.01%
Information and communications technology managers113620.0%
Office managers115210.0%
Transport and distribution managers116110.0%
Retail and wholesale managers116320.0%
Hospital and health service managers118110.0%
Hotel and accommodation managers122110.0%
Conference and exhibition managers122220.0%
Restaurant and catering managers122320.0%
Publicans and managers of licensed premises122410.0%
Property, housing and land managers123110.0%
Garage managers and proprietors123210.0%
Managers and proprietors in other services n.e.c.123930.01%
Engineering professionals n.e.c.212920.0%
Software professionals213220.0%
Medical practitioners221110.0%
Further education teaching professionals231220.0%
Secondary education teaching professionals231430.01%
Primary and nursery education teaching professionals231520.0%
Teaching professionals n.e.c.231920.0%
Chartered and certified accountants242130.01%
Management consultants, actuaries, economists and statisticians242310.0%
Quantity surveyors243310.0%
Probation officers244310.0%
Engineering technicians311310.0%
Quality assurance technicians311510.0%
Science and engineering technicians n.e.c.311910.0%
IT user support technicians313210.0%
Housing and welfare officers323210.0%
NCOs and other ranks331120.0%
Actors, entertainers341320.0%
Product, clothing and related designers342210.0%
Broadcasting associate professionals343210.0%
Photographers and audio-visual equipment operators343410.0%
Train drivers351410.0%
Estimators, valuers and assessors353110.0%
Finance and investment analysts/advisers353410.0%
Business and related associate professionals n.e.c.353920.0%
Sales representatives354210.0%
Estate agents, auctioneers354420.0%
Personnel and industrial relations officers356210.0%
Civil Service administrative officers and assistants411210.0%
Accounts and wages clerks, book-keepers, other financial clerks412240.01%
Filing and other records assistants/clerks413130.01%
Pensions and insurance clerks413210.0%
Stock control clerks413320.0%
Transport and distribution clerks413410.0%
Communication operators414210.0%
General office assistants/clerks415070.01%
School secretaries421310.0%
Personal assistants and other secretaries421530.01%
Horticultural trades511210.0%
Gardeners and groundsmen/groundswomen511350.01%
Agricultural and fishing trades n.e.c.511930.01%
Sheet metal workers521320.0%
Welding trades521510.0%
Metal working production and maintenance fitters522330.01%
Motor mechanics, auto engineers523110.0%
Vehicle body builders and repairers523220.0%
Electricians, electrical fitters524110.0%
Bricklayers, masons531210.0%
Roofers, roof tilers and slaters531330.01%
Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers531410.0%
Carpenters and joiners531510.0%
Construction trades n.e.c.531930.01%
Floorers and wall tilers532210.0%
Painters and decorators532310.0%
Weavers and knitters541110.0%
Leather and related trades541320.0%
Chefs, cooks5434110.02%
Nursing auxiliaries and assistants611140.01%
Dental nurses611310.0%
Care assistants and home carers6115110.02%
Nursery nurses612110.0%
Childminders and related occupations612210.0%
Educational assistants612430.01%
Sports and leisure assistants621120.0%
Travel agents621210.0%
Hairdressers, barbers622130.01%
Beauticians and related occupations622210.0%
Sales and retail assistants7111270.06%
Retail cashiers and check-out operators711210.0%
Sales related occupations n.e.c.712910.0%
Call centre agents/operators721130.01%
Customer service occupations721210.0%
Food, drink and tobacco process operatives811140.01%
Plastics process operatives811620.0%
Process operatives n.e.c.811910.0%
Paper and wood machine operatives812120.0%
Metal working machine operatives812520.0%
Water and sewerage plant operatives812610.0%
Plant and machine operatives n.e.c.812920.0%
Assemblers (vehicles and metal goods)813230.01%
Routine inspectors and testers813330.01%
Tyre, exhaust and windscreen fitters813510.0%
Sewing machinists813750.01%
Assemblers and routine operatives n.e.c.813910.0%
Heavy goods vehicle drivers821110.0%
Van drivers821250.01%
Taxi, cab drivers and chauffeurs821420.0%
Crane drivers822110.0%
Fork lift truck drivers822220.0%
Mobile machine drivers and operatives n.e.c.822920.0%
Forestry workers911210.0%
Labourers in building and woodworking trades912140.01%
Packers, bottlers, canners, fillers913470.01%
Labourers in process and plant operations n.e.c.913920.0%
Elementary occupations in goods handling & storage n.e.c.914960.01%
Postal workers, mail sorters, messengers, couriers921110.0%
Kitchen and catering assistants9223130.03%
Waiters, waitresses922470.01%
Bar staff922560.01%
Cleaners, domestics9233140.03%
Security guards and related occupations924140.01%
Car park attendants924510.0%
Shelf fillers925110.0%
Elementary sales occupations n.e.c.925910.0%

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