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d_pasoc00 Father's SOC 2000, resp aged 14

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Father's occupation (SOC 2000), resp. aged 14

if (ff_ivlolw = 2|3|MIS) & ff_everint 1 (proxy last wave, non-interviewed adult or new entrant never interviewed, excluding rising 16 year olds) and if PAJU = 1 (Father working when respondent aged 14)
What job was your father doing at that time?
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Standard Occupational Classification 2000 (SOC2000) of father's job. Full 4-digit version for Special Licence release only. The classification is coded post-field using the respondent’s description of their father's job. From Wave 3 onward, job descriptions were first coded to the code frame of SOC 2010 and the code for earlier versions of the classification was computed from a look-up file. For detailed information on the classification, see



Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
Senior officials (local government)111320.0%
Production, works and maintenance managers1121210.04%
Managers in building and contracting112250.01%
Managers in mining and energy112330.01%
Financial managers and chartered secretaries113160.01%
Marketing and sales managers113290.02%
Personnel, training and industrial relations managers113510.0%
Information and communications technology managers113640.01%
Research and development managers113730.01%
Quality assurance managers114110.0%
Financial institution managers115180.02%
Office managers115270.01%
Transport and distribution managers116190.02%
Stores and warehouse managers116260.01%
Retail and wholesale managers1163120.03%
Officers in armed forces117130.01%
Police officers (inspectors and above)117210.0%
Senior officers in fire, ambulance, prison and related services117320.0%
Security managers117430.01%
Hospital and health service managers118110.0%
Pharmacy managers118210.0%
Residential and day care managers118510.0%
Farm managers121120.0%
Managers in animal husbandry, forestry and fishing n.e.c.121920.0%
Hotel and accommodation managers122160.01%
Restaurant and catering managers1223140.03%
Publicans and managers of licensed premises122430.01%
Leisure and sports facility managers122510.0%
Property, housing and land managers123150.01%
Garage managers and proprietors123220.0%
Hairdressing and beauty salon managers and proprietors123320.0%
Recycling and refuse disposal managers123530.01%
Managers and proprietors in other services n.e.c.123970.01%
Biological scientists and biochemists211210.0%
Physicists, geologists and meteorologists211310.0%
Civil engineers2121120.03%
Mechanical engineers212240.01%
Electrical engineers212320.0%
Electronics engineers212410.0%
Engineering professionals n.e.c.212910.0%
IT strategy and planning professionals213140.01%
Software professionals2132100.02%
Medical practitioners221170.01%
Dental practitioners221520.0%
Higher education teaching professionals231150.01%
Further education teaching professionals231250.01%
Education officers, school inspectors231310.0%
Secondary education teaching professionals2314140.03%
Primary and nursery education teaching professionals231520.0%
Special needs education teaching professionals231610.0%
Teaching professionals n.e.c.231920.0%
Social science researchers232210.0%
Researchers n.e.c.232930.01%
Solicitors and lawyers, judges and coroners241150.01%
Chartered and certified accountants2421160.03%
Management consultants, actuaries, economists and statisticians242340.01%
Chartered surveyors (not quantity surveyors)243440.01%
Public service administrative professionals244110.0%
Social workers244210.0%
Probation officers244310.0%
Engineering technicians311310.0%
Science and engineering technicians n.e.c.311930.01%
IT operations technicians313120.0%
IT user support technicians313210.0%
Housing and welfare officers323230.01%
NCOs and other ranks3311120.03%
Police officers (sergeant and below)3312210.04%
Fire service officers (leading fire officer and below)331350.01%
Prison service officers (below principal officer)331430.01%
Protective service associate professionals n.e.c.331910.0%
Authors, writers341210.0%
Arts officers, producers and directors341620.0%
Graphic designers342120.0%
Product, clothing and related designers342210.0%
Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors343110.0%
Broadcasting associate professionals343210.0%
Photographers and audio-visual equipment operators343420.0%
Sports coaches, instructors and officials344230.01%
Sports and fitness occupations n.e.c.344910.0%
Air traffic controllers351120.0%
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers351210.0%
Ship and hovercraft officers351340.01%
Train drivers351440.01%
Estimators, valuers and assessors353170.01%
Finance and investment analysts/advisers353430.01%
Taxation experts353520.0%
Importers, exporters353610.0%
Business and related associate professionals n.e.c.353910.0%
Buyers and purchasing officers354130.01%
Sales representatives3542150.03%
Marketing associate professionals354320.0%
Estate agents, auctioneers354420.0%
Conservation and environmental protection officers355110.0%
Public service associate professionals356110.0%
Personnel and industrial relations officers356220.0%
Vocational and industrial trainers and instructors356310.0%
Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists356410.0%
Occupational hygienists and safety officers (health and safety)356730.01%
Civil Service executive officers411110.0%
Civil Service administrative officers and assistants4112170.04%
Accounts and wages clerks, book-keepers, other financial clerks412260.01%
Counter clerks412310.0%
Filing and other records assistants/clerks413120.0%
Pensions and insurance clerks413210.0%
Stock control clerks413340.01%
Transport and distribution clerks413430.01%
Database assistants/clerks413610.0%
General office assistants/clerks415040.01%
Horticultural trades511210.0%
Gardeners and groundsmen/groundswomen511370.01%
Smiths and forge workers521110.0%
Moulders, core makers, die casters521230.01%
Sheet metal workers521320.0%
Welding trades521550.01%
Metal machining setters and setter-operators522140.01%
Tool makers, tool fitters and markers-out522220.0%
Metal working production and maintenance fitters5223280.06%
Precision instrument makers and repairers522420.0%
Motor mechanics, auto engineers5231150.03%
Vehicle body builders and repairers523230.01%
Vehicle spray painters523410.0%
Electricians, electrical fitters5241260.06%
Telecommunications engineers524220.0%
Computer engineers, installation and maintenance524510.0%
Electrical/electronics engineers n.e.c.524950.01%
Steel erectors531120.0%
Bricklayers, masons531290.02%
Roofers, roof tilers and slaters531340.01%
Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers5314120.03%
Carpenters and joiners5315210.04%
Glaziers, window fabricators and fitters531620.0%
Construction trades n.e.c.5319220.05%
Floorers and wall tilers532250.01%
Painters and decorators5323130.03%
Leather and related trades541330.01%
Tailors and dressmakers541430.01%
Bookbinders and print finishers542310.0%
Butchers, meat cutters543140.01%
Bakers, flour confectioners543220.0%
Fishmongers, poultry dressers543310.0%
Chefs, cooks5434100.02%
Furniture makers, other craft woodworkers549220.0%
Goldsmiths, silversmiths, precious stone workers549510.0%
Hand craft occupations549950.01%
Ambulance staff (excluding paramedics)611220.0%
Care assistants and home carers611530.01%
Travel agents621210.0%
Rail travel assistants621560.01%
Leisure and travel service occupations n.e.c.621910.0%
Undertakers and mortuary assistants629110.0%
Sales and retail assistants7111120.03%
Retail cashiers and check-out operators711210.0%
Collector salespersons and credit agents712140.01%
Debt, rent and other cash collectors712230.01%
Roundsmen/women and van salespersons712310.0%
Market and street traders and assistants712420.0%
Sales related occupations n.e.c.7129130.03%
Food, drink and tobacco process operatives811130.01%
Glass and ceramics process operatives811220.0%
Textile process operatives811330.01%
Chemical and related process operatives811430.01%
Plastics process operatives811610.0%
Metal making and treating process operatives811720.0%
Process operatives n.e.c.811910.0%
Paper and wood machine operatives812120.0%
Coal mine operatives8122140.03%
Quarry workers and related operatives812360.01%
Energy plant operatives812410.0%
Metal working machine operatives812560.01%
Water and sewerage plant operatives812610.0%
Assemblers (vehicles and metal goods)813250.01%
Routine inspectors and testers813330.01%
Tyre, exhaust and windscreen fitters813520.0%
Assemblers and routine operatives n.e.c.813910.0%
Scaffolders, stagers and riggers814120.0%
Road construction operatives814260.01%
Rail construction and maintenance operatives814310.0%
Construction operatives n.e.c.814920.0%
Heavy goods vehicle drivers8211380.08%
Van drivers8212120.03%
Bus and coach drivers8213130.03%
Taxi, cab drivers and chauffeurs8214170.04%
Rail transport operatives821640.01%
Seafarers (merchant navy); barge, lighter and boat operatives821720.0%
Air transport operatives821840.01%
Transport operatives n.e.c.821930.01%
Crane drivers822120.0%
Fork lift truck drivers8222100.02%
Farm workers911180.02%
Forestry workers911210.0%
Labourers in building and woodworking trades9121150.03%
Labourers in foundries913150.01%
Printing machine minders and assistants913320.0%
Packers, bottlers, canners, fillers913410.0%
Labourers in process and plant operations n.e.c.9139330.07%
Stevedores, dockers and slingers914140.01%
Elementary occupations in goods handling & storage n.e.c.914970.01%
Postal workers, mail sorters, messengers, couriers9211120.03%
Elementary office occupations n.e.c.921920.0%
Kitchen and catering assistants922310.0%
Waiters, waitresses922430.01%
Bar staff922510.0%
Window cleaners923120.0%
Cleaners, domestics923350.01%
Refuse and salvage occupations923520.0%
Elementary cleaning occupations n.e.c.923910.0%
Security guards and related occupations924170.01%
Traffic wardens924210.0%
Car park attendants924510.0%
Elementary security and safety occupations n.e.c.924910.0%

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