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d_pasoc90_cc Father's SOC 1990, resp aged 14, condensed

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Standard Occupational Classification 1990 (SOC90) of mother's job. Condensed 2-digit version. The classification is coded post-field using the respondent’s description of their mother's job. From Wave 3 onward, job descriptions were first coded to the code frame of SOC 2010 and the code for earlier versions of the classification was computed from a look-up file.



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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
General managers and administrators in national and local government, large companies and organisation1030.01%
Production managers in manufacturing, construction, mining and energy industries11300.06%
Specialist managers12200.04%
Financial institution and office managers, civil service executive officers13190.04%
Managers in transport and storing14150.03%
Protective service officers1560.01%
Managers in farming, horticulture, forestry and fishing16400.08%
Manager, and proprietors in service industries17740.16%
Managers and administrators n.e.c.19110.02%
Natural scientists2050.01%
Engineers and technologists21270.06%
Health professional22120.03%
Teaching professionals23340.07%
Legal professionals2450.01%
Business and financial professionals25230.05%
Architects and surveyors2690.02%
Librarians and related professionals2710.0%
Professional occupations n.e.c.2980.02%
Scientific technicians3030.01%
Computer analysts /programmers32110.02%
Ship and aircraft officers, air traffic planners and controllers3370.01%
Health associate professionals3430.01%
Business and financial associate professionals36170.04%
Social welfare associate professionals3740.01%
Literary, artistic and sports professional38160.03%
Associate professional occupations n.e.c.3980.02%
Administrative /clerical officers and assistants in civil service and local government40170.04%
Numerical clerks and cashiers41110.02%
Filing and record clerks4230.01%
Clerks (not otherwise specified)4360.01%
Stores and despatch clerks, storekeepers4490.02%
Clerical and secretarial occupations n.e.c.4910.0%
Construction trades50590.13%
Metal machining, fitting and instrument making trades51370.08%
Electrical/electronic trades52330.07%
Metal farming, welding and related trades53250.05%
Travel and transport vehicles54190.04%
Textiles, garments and related trades5580.02%
Printing and related trades5680.02%
Woodworking trades57230.05%
Food preparation trades5870.01%
Other craft and related occupations n.e.c.59190.04%
NCOs and other ranks, armed forces60120.03%
Security and protected service occupations61380.08%
Catering occupations62140.03%
Travel attendants and related occupation6350.01%
Health and related occupations6450.01%
Domestic staff and related occupations6720.0%
Personal and protect service occupation n.e.c.6920.0%
Buyers brokers and related agents7050.01%
Sales representatives71300.06%
Sales assistants and check-out operators72130.03%
Mobile, market and door-to-door salespersons7360.01%
Food drink and tobacco process operatives8030.01%
Textiles and tannery process operatives8130.01%
Chemicals, paper, plastics and related process operatives8250.01%
Metal making and treating process operatives8340.01%
Metal working process operatives8460.01%
Other routine process operatives8650.01%
Road transport operatives87820.17%
Other transport and machinery operatives88290.06%
Machine and plant operatives n.e.c.89150.03%
Other occupations m agriculture, forestry and fishing9090.02%
Other occupations in mining and manufacturing91450.1%
Other occupations in construction92190.04%
Other occupations in transport9380.02%
Other occupations in communication94120.03%
Other occupations in sales and service95100.02%
Other occupations n.e.c.9940.01%

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