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d_preason reason for proxy

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Datafile: d_indresp

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Reason for proxy

if IProxy = 1 (Able to do a proxy interview for respondent)
Associated variables


Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
in institution (e.g. hospital, oph)1320.07%
studying away from home21920.41%
on holiday31150.24%
away on business or work48871.88%
temporarily away from home for other reasons51540.33%
unable to contact61350.29%
permanently too unwell or disabled72280.48%
temporarily unwell81170.25%
old age9350.07%
deafness or speech problems10190.04%
language problems11890.19%
individual refused but allows proxy1214483.08%
any other reason974831.03%

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