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d_pregout2 pregnancy 2: outcome of pregnancy

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Outcome of pregnancy

if ff_ivlolw = 1 | ff_everint = 1 (interviewed at prior wave or has been interviewed previously) and if HHGRID.SEX = 2 & ((HHGRID.DVAGE > 15 & HHGRID.DVAGE < 50)| (GRIDVARIABLES.NewMum = 1) (Female and aged 16 to 49 or is a new mother) and if (Preg = 1|2) | MorPreg = 1 (Was pregnant at last interview or has been pregnant since last interview or next pregnancy)
PREG = 1Last time we interviewed you, you were pregnant. Did this/your next pregnancy result in a live birth with a normal delivery or by caesarean section?
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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
live birth - normal delivery140.01%
live birth - caesarean220.0%
not live birth3230.05%
current pregnancy4240.05%

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