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Datafile: d_indresp

Derived Variable Note

Ethnic group. Uses information collected in interviews with adults and includes information collected in previous interviews and from other members of the household.


Uses RACEL_DV on data file XWAVEDAT


Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
british/english/scottish/welsh/northern irish (white)13625477.03%
irish (white)29862.09%
gypsy or irish traveller (white)3110.02%
any other white background (white)411412.42%
white and black caribbean (mixed)52900.62%
white and black african (mixed)61090.23%
white and asian (mixed)71660.35%
any other mixed background (mixed)81470.31%
indian (asian or asian british)913982.97%
pakistani (asian or asian british)1011642.47%
bangladeshi (asian or asian british)118041.71%
chinese (asian or asian british)121850.39%
any other asian background (asian or asian british)134570.97%
caribbean (black or black british)147651.63%
african (black or black britih)158861.88%
any other black background (black or black britih)16620.13%
arab (other ethnic group)171490.32%
any other ethnic group (other ethnic group)971790.38%

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