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d_rlcharity religion affects charity decisions

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Religion affects charity decisions

if GRIDVARIABLES.EMBoost | GRIDVARIABLES.GPCompare | GRIDVARIABLES.LDA | ff_NewImm = 1 (Part of EM Boost, GP Comparison or LDA sample, or is a recent immigrant) and if OPRLG = 1 (Belongs to a religion)
(For many people their religious beliefs affect the way they live their lives, such as what they eat, the work they do, or their family life even if they do not practice any formal religion. Which of the following statements apply to you...) My religious beliefs affect my decisions for charitable giving and helping others.
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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-110.0%
yes, a lot113602.89%
yes, a little28601.83%
not at all320364.33%
spontaneous: not applicable4250.05%
spontaneous: don't know5110.02%

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