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Datafile: d_indresp

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Other reason SC refused

if GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 1 (Mode is face-to-face) and if SCAC = 4 (If R refused self-completion) and if SCRF = 97 (If Other reason R refused self-completion)
Associated variables


Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-120.0%
didn't like computer1160.03%
child crying/needed attention etc.2170.04%
couldn't be bothered570.01%
interview taking too long/ran out of time6290.06%
illness, not mentally or physically capable, too old7750.16%
too busy9140.03%
other distraction (telephone call etc)1020.0%
language problems11280.06%
literacy problem1260.01%
doesn't want to, questions too intrusive13100.02%
not elsewhere codable97150.03%

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