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d_scsf3b last 4 weeks: physical health limits kind of work

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Last 4 weeks: Physical health limits kind of work

if (GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 1 & CASISTART.scac = 1 thru 3) | (Month = 12 thru 24 & GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 2) (Mode is face-to-face and has agreed to self-completion OR sample month is 12 - 24 and mode is telephone)
(During the past 4 weeks, how much of the time have you had any of the following problems with your work or other regular daily activities as a result of your physical health?) Were limited in the kind of work or other activities
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Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
don't know-180.02%
all of the time116843.58%
most of the time220124.27%
some of the time346389.85%
a little of the time4641613.63%
none of the time52455552.17%

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