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d_yasoc90 Young adult: job like: SOC 1990

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Special licence only: Standard Occupational Classification 1990 (SOC90) of job young person would like to do when finishing school. Full 3-digit version for Special Licence release only. The classification is coded post-field using the respondent’s description of the job. From Wave 3 onward, job descriptions were first coded to the code frame of SOC 2010 and the code for earlier versions of the classification was computed from a look-up file.



Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
General administrators; national government (Assistant Secretary/Grade 5 and above)10010.0%
Treasurers and company financial managers12090.02%
Marketing and sales managers121220.05%
Advertising and public relations managers123100.02%
Personnel, training and industrial relations managers12420.0%
Bank, Building Society and Post Office managers (except self-employed)13140.01%
Other financial institutions and office managers n.e.c.13930.01%
Transport managers n.e.c.14010.0%
Officers in UK armed forces15040.01%
Farm owners and managers, horticulturists16010.0%
Other managers in farming, forestry and fishing n.e.c.16920.0%
Hairdressers' and barbers' managers and proprietors17210.0%
Hotel and accommodation managers17380.02%
Restaurant and catering managers17460.01%
Entertainment and sports managers17690.02%
Managers and proprietors in service industries n.e.c.17940.01%
Officials of trade associations, trade unions, professional bodies and charities19020.0%
Other managers and administrators n.e.c.19910.0%
Chemists research20050.01%
Biological scientists and biochemists201350.07%
Physicists, geologists and meteorologists202100.02%
Other natural scientists n.e.c.20990.02%
Civil, structural, municipal, mining and quarrying engineers21090.02%
Mechanical engineers general naval21190.02%
Electronic engineers professional21320.0%
Software engineers professional214170.04%
Chemical engineers21550.01%
Design and development engineers21630.01%
Process and production engineers21710.0%
Other engineers and technologists n.e.c.21930.01%
Medical practitioners220510.11%
Ophthalmic opticians22250.01%
Dental practitioners223100.02%
University and polytechnic teaching professionals23050.01%
Higher and Further education teaching professionals23180.02%
Secondary (and middle school deemed secondary) education teaching professionals233460.1%
Primary (and middle school deemed primary) and nursery education teaching professionals234530.11%
Other teaching professionals n.e.c. teacher dancing239640.14%
Barristers and advocates24160.01%
Solicitors public242450.1%
Chartered and certified accountants250430.09%
Actuaries, economists and statisticians25240.01%
Management consultants, business analysts25310.0%
Architects landscape260110.02%
Town planners control26110.0%
Building, land, mining and 'general practice' surveyors26210.0%
Archivists and curators27110.0%
Other social and behavioural scientists29150.01%
Social workers, probation officers293260.06%
Laboratory technicians30020.0%
Other scientific technicians n.e.c.30920.0%
Quantity surveyors31210.0%
Computer analyst/programmers320250.05%
Aircraft flight deck officers33160.01%
Medical radiographers34230.01%
Medical technicians, dental auxiliaries34620.0%
Occupational and speech therapists, psychotherapists, therapists n.e.c.347170.04%
Other health associate professionals animals34960.01%
Legal service and related occupations35010.0%
Underwriters, claims assessors, brokers, investment analysts36150.01%
Personnel and industrial relations officers36320.0%
Organisation and methods and work study officers36410.0%
Welfare, community and youth workers371130.03%
Authors, writers, journalists380490.1%
Artists, commercial artists, graphic designers381430.09%
Industrial designers and textile designers38290.02%
Clothing designers38360.01%
Actors, entertainers, stage managers, producers and directors384620.13%
Photographers, camera, sound and video equipment operators386180.04%
Professional athletes, sports officials387190.04%
Information officers and technical librarians39010.0%
Vocational and industrial trainers39110.0%
Other associate professional and technical occupations n.e.c.39970.01%
Civil administrative assistants taxation40040.01%
Accounts and wages clerks, book-keepers, other financial clerks41060.01%
Counter clerks and cashiers41130.01%
Filing, computer and other records clerks (inc. legal conveyancing)42020.0%
Clerks (n.o.s.)43040.01%
Other secretaries, personal assistants, typists, word processor operators n.e.c.45910.0%
Radio and telegraph operators, other office communication system operators46310.0%
Computer operators, data processing operators, other office machine operators49010.0%
Bricklayers, masons fixer50050.01%
Plasterers fibrous foreman50220.0%
Builders, building contractors50410.0%
Painters and decorators50710.0%
Other construction trades n.e.c. building50910.0%
Metal working production and maintenance fitters51640.01%
Precision instrument makers and repairers51710.0%
Electricians, electrical maintenance fitters52150.01%
Electrical engineers (not professional)52230.01%
Computer engineers, installation and maintenance52610.0%
Other electrical/electronic trades n.e.c.52910.0%
Smiths and forge workers farrier53030.01%
Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers and related trades53240.01%
Motor mechanics, auto engineers (inc. road patrol engineers)540190.04%
Vehicle body repairers, panel beaters54210.0%
Sewing machinists, menders, darners and embroiderers55310.0%
Carpenters and joiners57060.01%
Cabinet makers wood57110.0%
Bakers, flour confectioners58010.0%
Gardeners, groundsmen/women59420.0%
NCOs and other ranks, UK armed forces600170.04%
Police officers (sergeant and below)610270.06%
Fire service officers (leading fire officer and below)61120.0%
Prison service officers borstal61220.0%
Security guards and related occupations61510.0%
Other security protective service occupations life61920.0%
Chefs, cooks hotel supervisor620140.03%
Bar staff62220.0%
Travel and flight attendants630130.03%
Railway station staff63110.0%
Assistant nurses, nursing auxiliaries64010.0%
Ambulance staff64250.01%
Dental nurses64310.0%
Care assistants and attendants old644140.03%
Nursery nurses650150.03%
Educational assistants65280.02%
Other childcare and related occupations n.e.c.65930.01%
Hairdressers, barbers coiffeur660210.04%
Beauticians and related occupations661210.04%
Other personal and protective service occupations model69940.01%
Buyers and purchasing officers (not retail)70130.01%
Other sales representatives n.e.c.71960.01%
Sales assistants merchants car720130.03%
Retail cash desk and check-out operators72110.0%
Window dressers, floral arrangers79140.01%
Tobacco cutter foreman80210.0%
Machine tool operatives (inc. CNC machine tool operatives)84040.01%
Assemblers/lineworkers vehicles metal nutter85110.0%
Routine laboratory testers paint soil86430.01%
Bus and coach drivers87320.0%
Rail transport inspectors, supervisors and guards88110.0%
Mine (excluding coal) and quarry workers89820.0%
Farm workers livestock hand90020.0%
All other occupations in farming and related902100.02%
Forestry workers90420.0%
All other labourers and related workers99010.0%

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