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d_ypnetcht Hours using social media on weekdays

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Hours spent interacting with friends through social websites

if GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 1 & CASISTART.scac = 1 (Mode is face-to-face and respondent will complete CASI section) and if HHGRID.DVAge > 15 & HHGRID.DVAge < 22 (Aged 16 - 21) and if YPSOCWEB = 1 (Belongs to a social website)
How many hours do you spend chatting or interacting with friends through social web-sites on a normal week day, that is Monday to Friday?
Associated variables
Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
less than an hour2138234.17%
1-3 hours387721.69%
4-6 hours42135.27%
7 or more hours5932.3%

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