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g_qfhigh_dv Highest educational qualification

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Datafile: g_indresp

Derived Variable Note

Current status highest educational qualification. The information is updated each year to include the most recent qualifications of new entrants and existing panel members. The last highest educational qualification derived variable is fed forward and then updated with new qualifications obtained. Note that not all respondents were ever asked the highest educational qualification question (QFHIGH); the group is mainly comprised of BHPS respondents and Rising 16's who had a youth interview in Wave 1 and were incorrectly routed out of the initial conditions module in Wave 2. From Wave 6 onwards it also includes members of the IEMB sample who provided an adult interview and reported that their highest qualification was obtained abroad (see F_QFHIGHOTH and F_ISCED11_DV). Highest educational qualifications may be picked up through QUALNEW or TRQUAL for these groups but may be additional to pre-existing (potentially higher) unobserved qualifications. The variable QFHIGHFL_DV flags whether a respondent has ever been asked the initial conditions highest qualification question (QFHIGH).



Uses A_QFHIGH_DV on data file A_INDRESP
Uses B_QFHIGH_DV on data file B_INDRESP
Uses C_QFHIGH_DV on data file C_INDRESP
Uses D_QFHIGH_DV on data file D_INDRESP
Uses E_QFHIGH_DV on data file E_INDRESP
Uses F_QFHIGH_DV on data file F_INDRESP


Value labelValueAbsolute frequencyRelative frequency
Higher degree139299.32%
1st degree or equivalent2521312.36%
Diploma in he324415.79%
Teaching qual not pgce45371.27%
Nursing/other med qual56991.66%
Other higher degree6550.13%
A level731497.47%
Welsh baccalaureate8160.04%
I'nationl baccalaureate9350.08%
AS level107091.68%
Highers (scot)113890.92%
Cert 6th year studies121020.24%
GCSE/O level13779518.49%
Other school cert168031.9%
None of the above96828119.64%

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