Webinar: Longitudinal data for ethnicity and migration research in the UK

When: Tue 19 Mar 2019 03:00 pm - Tue 19 Mar 2019 04:00 pm
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This webinar is for those who want to do research on ethnicity and migration related issues and are particularly interested in longitudinal analysis.

This webinar will focus on two longitudinal surveys in UK, Understanding Society and the Millennium Cohort Study, which are particularly suited for this purpose.

This webinar will give an overview of the two surveys and the special features that allow longitudinal research on ethnicity and migration issues and discuss some key research on these topics using these datasets.

The first 40 minutes will be a presentation by Professor Emla Fitzsimons (UCL) and Dr. Alita Nandi (ISER, University of Essex) followed by 20 minutes of Q&A.