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Informal care-giving and mental health

New research shows that for women in particular, informal care-giving responsibilities can affect mental wellbeing

Eating more fruit and veg makes people happier

Researchers from York and Leeds have found that eating more fruit and vegetables daily, and more times a week, improves your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health.

How much you save may be influenced by your grandparents' place of birth

UK-born grandchildren of immigrants tend to mirror the money-saving behaviour of their grandparents' country of birth, according to new research from the London School of Economics.

New research reveals that young people are lonely

Young people today are feeling more distant from their family members and also from their close friends, according to a new Index of Wellbeing from the Intergenerational Foundation.

Researchers find even low levels of distress may increase the risk of chronic diseases

Researchers in Southampton and Edinburgh have discovered even low levels of psychological distress may increase the risk of developing some chronic diseases.

Social media's effect on young to be examined

How social media helps or harms children's mental health is to be examined by leading experts in social geography and mental health from the Universities of Portsmouth and Sheffield.

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