How your data is being used

How happy are UK children?

A Children’s Society report uses Understanding Society to provide insights into how children feel about their lives and how this has changed over time

New research shows the benefits of leaving the car at home

A new study claims that walking, bicycling or taking public transportation to work can aid weight loss.

How does your income affect how often you recycle?

New research shows that people who are paid an hourly wage recycle less than salaried workers because they tend to think of time as money.

Weather makes no difference to our happiness levels

A study that uses data from the British Household Panel Survey has found that good weather does not make a difference to our happiness levels; instead we are driven by our income, jobs and health.

Visits to the theatre linked to better health

A new report has used data from Understanding Society to find that if you engage with the arts, it will have a positive impact upon your health and quality of life

Why good relationships with our siblings matter

Using data from Understanding Society, researchers have found that the quality of sibling relationships is more important for a young person’s social development than simply having lots of brothers and sisters.

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