How your data is being used

New research reveals the secret to true love

Being married and having your spouse as your best friend significantly improves your wellbeing and can guide you through a mid-life crisis, according to the latest research.

Where can I read the latest headlines?

From The Times to The Telegraph, Understanding Society’s data has been making the headlines since its beginnings in 2009.

Data used to explore the causes of child poverty

The Government unit which works to reduce poverty and improve social justice is using Understanding Society data.

Green space research is realised in hospital garden project

In a cancer survivor’s story, the author has referenced the Green Spaces research which uses data from Understanding Society.

You are making the world a happier place

Thanks to the information you have been providing over the years, scientists can now measure exactly what makes us happier.

Grammar school story makes front page news

The vital information you provided to Understanding Society made it to the front cover of the Independent on 29th May 2014.

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