Making the move from youth to adult interview

After recently celebrating his 17th birthday, Kaden* reflects on why he enjoyed taking part in the adult survey this year.

“Making the move from the paper questionnaire to the adult interview was easy,” starts Kaden. Earlier this year, Kaden made the transition from the young person’s paper self-completed questionnaire to the face-to-face interview.

“The interviewer made me feel very comfortable and I found the questions very interesting. You don’t often think about some of the subjects until they ask you face-to-face and it gets you processing them more in depth,” he continues.

Kaden, a 17-year-old participant shares his experience of being interviewed face-to-face for the first time this year.

Kaden found the questions easy to answer and believes that the study is more interesting and more personal than other surveys. “I enjoy contributing to a big project like this because the questions and views are so varied. You get a much boarder range of answers from people with different backgrounds and this information helps to contribute and make a difference to society.”

When asked why younger people should be a part of the project, Kaden believes it gives them a chance to reflect on personal topics and share information.

“Some of the more personal questions made me sit back and think. And, some of the answers I gave I would not sit down and discuss with people normally.”

Kaden mentions that it doesn’t often tell his friends about Understanding Society, but he did when he won an ipad! “They were quite jealous when I told them and wanted to get involved,” he laughs. As part of one of the study’s competitions three 16-year-olds were selected to win an ipad; Kaden was one of the lucky winners!

If you would like to be interviewed by our web editor please drop Louise Miles an email. She would like to hear about your experiences so far.

*To protect the identity of our participants, names are not revealed. To read more about our privacy policy, please read our Participants’ FAQ

More about the adult interviews:

  • Adults are interviewed every 12 months either face-to-face or over the phone using Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI).
  • 10-15 year-olds fill in a paper self-completion questionnaire.
  • Read more about the study
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