“You get the sense of contributing to something important”

“Reflecting on the changes that have happened in my life as well as wider society; it’s like therapy,” says one participant who thinks that it’s important to contemplate the questions once a year.

I am so glad we were asked to be part of Understanding Society. We have had the same interviewer, Stephanie since we started about 5-6 years ago.

Stephanie was very flexible with how and when we did the interview. And, from the minute she walked into our chaotic family home – (there were kids and animals running round, the house a mess and normal family stuff going on) she has been totally accommodating and fit straight in!

I love answering the questions – there is something about an annual set of questions that makes you reflect on changes that have happened in your own life as well as wider society – it’s like therapy.

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My favourite set of questions, which only occurred once, was the mental maths questions and a memory test where you had to remember a list of items. I was pleased because she said no one had got such a high score as me!

I’m glad Understanding Society always keeps us updated with its findings and you get a sense of contributing to something important. I like to read the statistics after and see how your own family, career, neighbourhood etc compare.

And, best of all is the fact that you receive a free shopping voucher – that is the cherry on the cake!

This story was submitted to the Tell us a story competition, which invited participants to tell us about their interview experience. The competition is now closed.

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