“Our contribution may be small but we are contributing to a better tomorrow”

“Society is always on the move, ever changing and evolving, but few document its progress so we are glad to participate,” says one participant.

Our contribution may be small, but it gives us a boost to think that we are contributing to the bigger picture and a better tomorrow.

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Do we consider it a chore? No, our interviewers are always warm, friendly and interested in what we have to say. They never say no to a cup of tea and enjoy chatting.

Being retired and on a fixed income our circumstances change little but at least the world knows we are still holding our own and living in what we consider to be a great country.

It may not be the same for everybody but without thought-provoking questions and those who take the time to enquire who would know?

With so many people taking part for so many years I think Understanding Society has got it right. We welcome our interviewer with open arms. Roll on next year!

This story was submitted to the Tell us a story competition, which invited participants to tell us about their interview experience. The competition is now closed.

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