“I’m helping to form a picture of the UK today”

The one hour interview gives this participant the chance to reflect on their life and help others at the same time.

I enjoy my Understanding Society interview because in this busy world it is nice to take a few hours off to sit, relax and reflect on your life, family and circumstances.

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Without fail, during each interview I find myself amazed at what I have achieved and feel privileged to have health, happiness and a comfortable home.

Without the Understanding Society interview, when would I ever take time to actually think about my personal and family situation and feel blessed with the results? The answer is simple…I wouldn’t! So thank you Understanding Society; not only do I get a feeling of helping to form a picture of the UK today, but I also get to realise how lucky I am!

This story was submitted to the Tell us a story competition, which invited participants to tell us about their interview experience. The competition is now closed.

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