“It gives my mum the chance to express how she feels about life in England”

“My mother has lived in the UK for over 40 years and this has given her the chance to express her views,” says one interviewer.

I am writing this on behalf of my mum, who can’t write English too well, but does understand it and can speak it brokenly.

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We have been involved in this for many years now and she really enjoys it, it’s given her a chance to engage with someone that she would have never spoke to.

One of the women who came and interviewed us was an Irish woman. My mum got along with her so well, even though there was a massive language barrier. The interviewer said how her Irish customs were so similar to ours and that it reminded her of people in Ireland.

My mum really looked forward to seeing our interviewer and my mum enjoyed her asking questions about her life. I think my mum felt this was her chance to express how she felt about life in England. Although she has been living here for over 40 years this is the first person to ask her about her views officially.

My mum would always prepare food for her interviewer and my mum would love to see her facial expressions when she saw the food and when she tasted things she had never tried before. She would love to hear the interviewer’s feedback and she joked with her telling her she needs to eat more and is skinny.

My mum thinks her interviewer’s name is Irene. Irene said she was getting a new job and had to stop interviewing us. On her last day, she came by our house and brought my mum some flowers and told her to be proud of her kids and what she has achieved in her life.

This story was submitted to the Tell us a story competition, which invited participants to tell us about their interview experience. The competition is now closed.

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