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After sending out our latest spring newsletter in March, we received a wealth of feedback and wanted to share it with you.

Here are some of the comments that you sent to us:

“I enjoy reading the results of the survey and like to think that my opinions make a small contribution to help understand how the country works today.” Elaine*, age 52

“I would like to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy receiving the feedback that you send for us to read and the information is very informative.”
Jane*, age 41

“I like the fact that your newsletters are concise and easy to read. Otherwise, in my busy life I would’ve probably just deleted it!”
Linda*, age 67

“Thank you very much for the spring update which I received today. Congratulations to the new appointee Professor Michaela Benzeval, I wish you every success in your new post in September.”
Vince*, age 70

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*Confidential at all times

If you would like to feature your story on the website, you will get an anonymous name so your identity is protected at all times. If you have any questions regarding the study, please see our Participant Q&As or call 0800 252 853.

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