Why my interview offers time to reflect

“This survey has the potential to make us reflect on our choices and behaviour and goals,” says Emily Andrews* who believes the interview experience helps her to take stock of her life.

Dear Team

We live in a world that is changing at a breathless rate and hopefully the information I supply can lead to a better understanding of the changes happening in the UK and its effects on people.

I was greatly enlightened by the one time the almost last question was: ‘Do you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth?’ And at the time I had to answer, ‘Yes’.

But that was the last time I ever ran the tap like that again. So think over the five years how many gallons have been saved, by just one person changing their behaviour.

That’s about two gallons a day x 365 which could equal say 700 or 800 galls a year. This survey has the potential to make us reflect on choices and behaviour and goals. And hence change people and our collective impact on each other and the environment.

Health questions

I’d like to see more questions about diet and health. In the last couple of years, I personally have found out so much about the world we live in and there must be a huge link between diet and health. How much sugar, wheat, meat, soda drinks, veggies and salad do we eat daily?

I’m also interested in our exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFS). One of the biggest changes is the amount of electricity we are exposed to, particularly with mobile phones. Think of all the gadgets we have – all electric – all emitting dangerous emfs.

I feel there is not a lot of research done on this. I think the survey ought to include detail of this kind to bring results to our aid.

I believe there has been an exponential explosion of health problems and it is vital to get as much information as possible so we can help tackle disorders like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Keep up the good work!

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