“Questions relating to my political views are thought-provoking”

One of our participants wrote in to say why she enjoys the political questions that feature in Understanding Society every year.

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Question and Answers

Do you enjoy taking part?

Yes I do and when I’m interacting with the interviewer I find it helpful to have a relaxed, yet composed relationship.

Do you have favourite questions?

I find questions relating to my political views and my lifestyle thought-provoking.

What is it like to invite an interviewer into your home?

I have never really given that much thought. The interviewers are very professional and have always conducted themselves well. I hope I make them feel at home and they are able to obtain straight answers from me.

How does it make you reflect on your own life?

The questioning raised allows me to have a greater understanding of the issues that are not only important to me but are current in society today.

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