Biomarkers and genetic data

Professors Michaela Benzeval and Meena Kumari talk about the study’s biomarker and genetic data which is now available.

Download (12.2 MB Duration 8:43, audio/mpeg)

Here are some sound bites from the recording:

“Our grip strength information has helped to inform a study which needed to measure upper body strength and frailty”

Professor Michaela Benzeval

“We want researchers to use the data to measure how the social environment affects health and wellbeing”

Professor Meena Kumari

“We have around 13,000 blood samples from our participants, which are ready to use in analysis”

Professor Michaela Benzeval

“We have ‘inflammation markers’ which give an indication of how you might be aging in terms of biology rather than chronology”

Professor Meena Kumari

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